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    I wish there were a true way to deal with people like that, but most of the time there just isn't. If you've encountered a rude person, you'll probably have to deal with rudeness no matter what you say. Too bad it isn't ok to just slap someone. I suppose you could just tell them you think they're rude and walk off. I'd also say ignore it, but I know just how hard that can be and you always are left with that bad taste when someone's been rude to you. I'm sorry you have to put up with those types of idiots. Juniper is a beautiful name and those who dislike it and want to be mean about it can just stuff it!
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    Juniper Elise is a gorgeous name!

    My name is Taryn. It is not all that unusual anymore, but it was fairly unheard of when I was growing up. I got negative comments about it all of the time. From adults! I got "well... That's...different" a lot but also things like, "what kind of name is THAT?" And "what were your parents THINKING?" Very occasionally, someone would tell me that my name was beautiful, and that would just make my day. Anyhow, I just want you to know that I never wished for a more common name. I just thought that people who would say negative things about a child's name to the child herself were ridiculous and rude people. If it weren't my name, it would be something else.

    My son's name is Levin, and we've gotten some comments on it as well. People either love it or say something like, "oh, is that a family name?" Which is probably code for, "wow, I hope you didn't pick that out on purpose." My strategy has been to say, "Thank you! We love his name and it just suits him so well," no matter what people say about it, just as if they had said something appropriate. This usually shocks people into politeness. If it doesn't and they keep going with the insults, just say, "you must be having a really bad day to want to insult a baby. I will pray for you." And then move on. I mean, really, what kind of a person does that? I would not worry about having such a person's good opinion.

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    I agree that what they did is rude, but as to "how to deal with it" I think it's better if you just ignore them. Getting into fights isn't a good way to go. People make fun of others for many different things, be it a name or hair color.

    Someone once teased me because my name sounded like "Die Anna" so they would say things like "Dia Anna Die" but I just ignored it and when they saw I wasn't giving them any reaction, the let it go pretty quick. Only happened once, well twice, but the 2nd time was in High School and it was a friend who had a "light bulb" moment and realized that Diana kind of sounds like "Die Anna" so wasn't really teasing...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jtucker View Post
    So sorry to hear that other people are so rude. I would just smile at them, kill them with kindness, when you refuse to act rude in return they will hopefully realize that they need to adjust their attitude!
    Yes, that is my first instinct too. I hope that Juniperle is right and people will stop when Juni is old enough to understand otherwise i would absolutely not stand for it!

    Goldeng, Evangeline is lovely, I am really surprised that you sometimes get funny reaction. I suppose some people will just react oddly to anything that is outside their own experience.
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    People can be so judgemental and rude. Honestly, I've been through it with each of my 3 childrens' names. I've come to realize though, it is always the people with kids who have super trendy, generic names that do it. Once it was a man with a daughter named Claire at the donut store, once a woman with a daughter named Avery, and another who had an Addison and Olivia. The rudest person ever had a daughter named Delia which is actually rather cute but to this day I refuse to shop in the store she works at and it happened 3 years ago. Most everyone I meet is always commenting on how interesting, original, and fresh my kids' names are. Juniper is gorgeous - do not let insecure, judgemental people sway your decision!!!!

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