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    Post Initials - Name for these initials

    Husband: FN: J, MN: J: Surname: A
    Wife: FN: F, MN: J, Surname : A
    Daughter: FN: S, MN: J, Surname: A
    Daughter: FN: Z, MN: J, Surname: A
    Son: FN: J, MN: J, Surname: A
    Son: FN: J, MN: J, Surname: A

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    Husband: Jack Josiah Appleby

    Wife: Francesca Jane Appleby

    Daughter: Stella Joanne Appleby

    Daughter: Zarina Jasmine Appleby

    Son: Jackson James Appleby

    Son: Joseph Joel Appleby

    ♥ Clara Dean Lucy Dominic ♡

    Feel free to ask me anything about saints names

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    Cair Paravel :)
    Ashley | namenerd | Christian | storyteller

    princesinhas e príncipes:
    Isabelle Aurora GraceAdele Sofia EloiseEverett Joshua CharlesCasper Nathaniel Eden

    thinking about today:
    Violet Fiala Elisabeth Daniel Torin Elijah Evangeline Dagny Hope Hugo Emerson Jack
    Claire Everly ▪ Jack Jasper ▪ Delphina Lily "Della" ▪ Thomas Brynjar ▪ Hazel Isabella
    Sebastian Malachi ▪ Katherine Aurora ▪ Grayson Amory ▪ Grace Amélie ▪ Reuben Sebastian

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    New England, USA
    Husband: (B) Jacob James Asher
    Wife: (G) Fawnna Jane Asher
    Daughter: (G) Skylar Jayda Asher
    Daughter: (G) Zariah Jailey Asher
    Son: (B) Jason Jacoby Asher
    Son: (B) Jasper Jordan Asher

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