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    Exclamation Expert Anagrammers & Baby Namers needed!

    Hi there!

    My husband and I really like the idea of giving our children family names. We love the idea actually. Problem is, the family members we would like to name our kids after don't have very appealing names. Trust me on that but I'll prove it in a minute!
    So I got the idea from this site to try anagramming the letters - maybe if we rearrange them, we can make something really nice? Well, the new problem is that apparently we aren't very good at anagrams.
    But I'm betting some of you are!

    I'm really excited about what you guys might be able to come up with - any ideas or suggestions are appreciated (except to just use their names because you think they're nice, sorry they just aren't our style and it won't happen).

    So the names to anagram for a girl are: Sheila, Madzy

    The names to anagram for a boy are: Mario, Hubert

    We are ttc and very hopeful so I'm really looking forward to some creative responses. Thank you so much in advance!

    ETA: I wasn't very clear the first time I posted this, sorry! What I meant was that the hubby and I are hoping to maybe take a couple of letters from each name and combine them for a new name. So take a couple of letters from Madzy and a couple from Sheila to come up with a new name for a baby girl; same for Mario and Hubert and a baby boy. The name doesn't have to include all the letters by any means - so I guess not a true anagram but maybe more of a scramble??
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    I'll have a go

    Sheila-Elisha, Leisha, Sehali, Ashlie
    Madzy-wasn't sure with this one, maybe Dazmy?

    Mario-Amiro, Moira, Romia, Omair
    Hubert-I couldn't think of anything for this one that sounded nice

    However as well as anagramming the names you can always pick names that are variants or share the same meaning

    Some examples

    Sheila-Cecilia, Cilla, Silje, Cecille
    Madzy-Mitzi, Maddie, Madeline, Magdalene

    Mario-Marius, Rien, Merrion
    Hubert-Hugh, Lev, Thaddeus (Tadeo)

    I hope that helped!
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    Maybe Daisy for Mazdy? Similar sound. I like the idea of Elisha for Sheila.

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    I might not use all the letters in the names, but I'll try to get as many as possible.

    Sheila- Leila, Sheli, Elisha, Elisa, Elsa, Elia, Elias, Helias, Helia, Elisah, Helisa, Isla(h), Ashlie,
    Mazdy- Zady, Mazy (Maisie), Dazy (Daisy), Amy, May, Day, Damy, Yza,

    Mario- Rio, Ram, Mari, Arim, Mori, Omar, Omari, Imaro, Rami, Ramio, Ramiro,
    Hubert- Hue, Bert, Bret, Burt, Rue, Rube, Ruth, Rhet,

    Maybe you could use letters from both names?
    aadehilmsyz- Adel, Delia(h), Shaylie, Daisy/Daizy, Dahlia, Mali, Malia, Maylie, Miley, Hilda, Zelda, Hayli(e)/Haley/Hailey, Lia/Leah, Liam, Mahle, Melisa, Madisa, Lisa, Lydia, Mady,
    abehimorrtu- Abe, Morrie, Timo, Ramie, Rito, Rita, Bart, Morti, Martie, Brit, Timbo, Rambo, Trimbo, Rhime, Marthe, Mauri, Rauri, Torrie, Harri, Barrie, Bartie, Burtie,

    Hope this helps.
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    My favorite site to use for things like this is: Baby Name Scrambler

    It says mommy and daddy's name, but you can really just enter in two names. Here are some I like:

    Sheila & Madzy

    Mario & Hubert

    I think if you want to just anagram one of the names, then that gets even harder, but here is what I came up with:

    Sheila - Shelly, Ashley, Leah, Sasha (Elisha or Elias for a boy)
    Madzy - Ada, May, Maya
    Mario - Omar, Amir, Amar (Moira would be perfect for a girl!)
    Hubert - Herbert, Rhett, Bret (Ruth for a girl)

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