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    I'm planning on a large family. I'm currently pregnant and my son will be 18 months old when this baby arrives. I'm one of four and we are all close in age (there's less than two years between each of us) and I found it great. It was fun to always have someone to play with and because we were all so close as soon as one of us grew out of the baby stuff, my parents could pass it on to the next. They rarely had to buy anything new for a new baby. My mum also said that she wanted the kids to be grown up and independent when she was still young enough to go and have a life of her own, which she did - she went travelling through Europe with my dad once my youngest sibling left.

    It seemed to work well for them and so I'm hoping it'll be the same with my family.
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    Thank you all for your help!

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    I'm the oldest of four. There's 17 months between me and my brother. He's around four years older than my sister. My sister is six years older than our youngest. I can definitely say that I'm close with my brother. Or closer than with my sister and baby brother.

    My sister is 5 1/2 years younger than me - but well, we are so different. So I prefer to avoid her, and maybe spend a few moments together in a good day.

    I'm almost twelve years older than baby brother. He's the most adorable thing, even at age seven and wants to be a cop. I ignored him mainly when I was younger. I regret it kinda, because I missed a lot of his baby-hood, and then he was just this little annoying thing. He's still annoying - like all of my siblings are. I think my good relationship with my other brother is because we have matured at the same time - although I admit I often feel like he's the perfect boy, in comparison to me.

    When I'm going to have children - I want three or four. But I'm going to convince my husband to have them in a close age, all of them. My aunt had three children on six years, one born in March, April and May. So there had been almost exact two years between each baby - I would love to have that age-gap.

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    My Experience

    I come from a family of big gaps; 23, 18, 10.

    I am very close to my siblings. Growing up, I was very jealous of my middle brother at first, since I had been around for 5 years being the center of attention. Since I'm a girl and he's a boy and there was such a gap, we didn't hang out a lot during some ages (when I was a teenager mostly) but I think everything worked out, those are the years you want to hang out with your friends all the time anyway (he was the same way with us). With my youngest brother, he was born when I was 13, and he's always felt like a son to me, in the best way possible, we are very close and I adore him and love playing with him and teaching him things. My boyfriend is extremely close in age to his siblings and he is not really close to them at all, he only has sisters though, so that could be a reason. There is no animosity, they just aren't as close. So, how close siblings are just really depends, and age gaps aren't the end all and be all.

    Anyway, I want to have a large family myself, and have been struggling with the same thing. I think in general it is good to have them closer because they go through the same phases not too far apart, and you don't feel too much like you are "starting over" my mother had LONG put away the diaper bags and bottles by the time my youngest brother was born. However, I, personally, want to experience the different stages with babies individually, if that makes sense. I want to spend extra time with them in those years and don't want it to feel like a blur. I must add I am easily flustered and stressed out, too. So for me, I want to make sure I have everything down and can handle one, then add another, then two, then add another, etc.

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    I'm the oldest of four girls, there was 18 months between me and my younger sister (she died at age 3), a three year gap, then my second sister was born and another 18 month gap between her and my youngest sister. The close spacing meant that each 'pair' were best friends, though I did have trouble getting along with my youngest sister due to the almost 7 year age difference. As for having my own children I would like to keep the number even and the spacing between fairly small, two or four. Because I grew up with only sisters I feel a lot more comfortable with the idea of having daughters than sons, thought I'll be happy with either, boys just bring a whole new level of omg-what-the-heck-am-I-supposed-to-do-with-you
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    Personally, I don't have that much to say as I only have one sister (2 years older) and only one daughter (for now), but my DH is one of 9. We hope to someday have a larger family, and hope to have baby #2 before our daughter turns 3. My ideal family would be 4-5 children at the most, but we will see how things go. I know that I want at least 3 though.

    My DH has one older half-brother (26) who never lived with the family or visited them ever and now lives in a different state and isn't involved in any family things. My DH didn't even know that he existed until he was older. He also has one older half sister (25) who is part of the family but is already married with children of her own. Then theres my DH (21), then two more boys (19 and 17). Then there is a large gap and then his younger siblings (11, 9, 7, 6). In his family, the age gap has led to what often feels like two separate families of the "older" kids and the "younger" kids. Often times, I forget that the younger kids are my brother and sisters in law because they seem more like my nieces and nephews - especially since I have a 5 and 3 year old nephew and niece!!
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