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    Having a baby in your 40's..........?


    I would like to have a 4th child. I'm nearly 42. My friends and family think I'm crazy but I feel like I'm fit and healthy enough to cope but am wondering if I should be content that I have 3 healthy children and move on from my thought process that is consuming me at the moment.

    My husband isn't keen on a fourth (just yet!) but not sure really sure if I can convince him anyway.....

    so is it time to move on or go for it?!!!

    Thank you

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    If you and your partner are in agreement about having a fourth child, I see no reason why you shouldn't have another child. And hey, studies show that marital satisfaction is at the lowest point with three children and goes back up after the fourth. So that is something to look forward to!

    Have you discussed this with your doctor? Unless you have some health concerns that you haven't mentioned, 42 is definitely not too old to have another child.

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    If your partner is in agreement I think you should go for it as long as your health is good.

    If your partner isn't in agreement maybe you could adopt an animal to add to your family. It might help with the maternal urges!

    I think 3 is plenty, but that's just me.

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    I really don't think age is as big an issue as it used to be. Obviously there are limits when it comes to a woman's age and childbearing, but with modern medicine, healthcare and technology I think it is not only possible but somewhat commonplace for women to be having kids in their late 30s and early 40s. My ob-gyn actually is trying for her first child and she is 42. I know of women who are starting families over 35 years of age, meaning they very well could be finishing creating their families in their 40s. If your doctor agrees that you could get pregnant again safely, why not? Don't let societal ideals keep you from having the family you want.

    Best of luck!
    Lucky mom to beautiful baby girl
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    If you two are in agreement, I say it's fine, as long as you know the risks... I know personally I wouldn't want to risk the health of my baby once I reach 35, I think at that point, I would rather adopt.

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