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    Do You Name Your Car?

    I bought a used Mazda SUV a few weeks ago just to go back & forth to school. Well, it sure is a mischievious little bugger....really playing tricks on me from flat tire to sqeaky seats...... so I've been calling it Puck. My mother heard me the other day talking to the rear door that wouldn't close and she yelled at me because she thought I was swearing at it.

    Does anyone else name their cars??
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    Haha yeah, I named my car Haddie

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    Haha, yes, I did name my car! My past cars, too. As well as hair brushes, cell phones, laptops, backpacks... lol. My current car is Elodie "Liddy"--I was minorly obsessed with Pride and Prejudice at the time, and she just wasn't a Lydia (in hindsight, it was a good choice--my car is every bit the drama queen Lydia Bennet is!). "My" former cars (okay, my parents'--I just drove them, haha) were Ella Ruby and Lucia Madeleine "Lucy". My cell phones were Imogen and Macy, my laptops were Sarah Lacey "Sadie" and Eva Rachel "Evey" (the current one is Claudie), my hairbrush is Erina Moss (what else would you name a green hairbrush? ), and my backpack is Violet. By default, because I never came up with anything better, and she's purple.

    I have a minor problem, hahaha.
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    Dont have a car (being only 15) but I did name my bike George.
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    My car is Ruby. My old car was Elizabeth.

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