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    I love that your car is Puck! So cute. I work at a Shakespeare summer camp where all the buses and video cameras are named after Shakespeare characters/things (Hero, Ariel, Puck, the Nurse, Sebastian and Viola to name a few.)

    My mom names all of our cars and appliances, usually with puns. Our Avalon is Frankie, our old van was Vanessa, the washing machine is George Washington and the lawn mower is Moe.

    I will probably name my car when I get one. Right now I have a bike named Purple Wind (after the wolf "Grey Wind" from Game of Thrones. I like that it's really pretentious.)
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    Big Bertha - a 13 year old mini van who has survived a tree falling on her and being hit by a bus. She's being replaces next year but the name seems to fit, she's virtually indestructible.

    Victoria - my Fiance's car, it's a little Spyder Eclipse convertible. Her name comes from her color - off white, the color of Victorian lace. That's his "other woman". heh.

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    Haha, yes! I have a Volvo named Daisy Buchanan.
    Great resource for name popularity over the last 120 years:

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    When I first met my husband he drove a royal blue mustang that he called Big Blue. (I loved that car!) Now, 7 years later he drives an SUV that he calls Sam. Funny how things change as you get older.

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    Two Impalas called Impy and Paula and a very unstable white minivan called the Marshmallow. I haven't named my current car in the hopes that I won't have to drive it much longer
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