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    Thoughts on Azalea??

    My fiancé and I are having an awful time agreeing on a name for our baby girl who is due in about 10 weeks. Her middle name will definitely be Ann because it is a very important family name. Recently, we have both been drawn to the name Azalea. Azalea Ann (last name here) flows very well and we both like that it is uncommon without being made up or too cutesy. However, I do have some reservations...

    Is it too out there to actually use on a child? I've never met anyone with this name so it's hard for me to associate it with a real person.

    What kind of girl comes to mind when you hear this name?

    Are there any possible nicknames? This isn't a deal breaker but I occasionally call my other children by a nickname and I'm having a hard time thinking of any for Azalea.

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    I love the name Azalea! It is a pretty name and I'm actually kind of surprises it hasn't been 'discovered' yet. Its feminine and spunky. It can work wonders for a girly girl type but is also not completely princess that a tomboy wouldn't enjoy it. I love the flowers. Azaleas grow in dry soil which makes the flower strong- its like a representation of that no matter how tough life can be you can still get through it and be a beautiful person. Maybe I'm just over thinking it but that's what I think of. As for nicknames...Lea could work. Also Zaylie. Maybe Azzy? I'm not too good with nicknames....

    Also for it being 'out there'....its definitely different but not laughably so. I think its great and I can imagine a little Azalea Ann getting a ton of compliments on her name.
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    I love the name Azalea. It actually used to be one of my top names. When I hear the name I imagine a sweet and spunky girl. My favorite nicknames for Azalea are Zae/Zay, Zaylie, and Lea.
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    Love Azalea! I like the idea of using it without a nn, but if you do use one. Zia might be cute. BTW, I've always thought Azalea and Zinnia would be ADORABLE sister names.... Just in case!
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    I really like the name! I picture a hard-working girl with a great sense of humor and a very beautiful, poised woman. I think you could easily pull off Zuzu as a nickname for an Azalea.
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