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    the scotland in my dreams.
    [QUOTE=carlylovesbabynames;1842163]Roll the dice to see what happens each year for 10 years. Use this die: I hope it works (my computer is being really stupid) if it doesn't just search "6 sided die" and it should pop up! xoxo.

    10 years of being scarily Quiverfull-ish...

    Year 1: Triplets! 2 girls and a boy. All names start with G, middle names are after deceased.
    Gemma Beryl.
    Grace Margaret.
    Gulliver Augustus.

    Year 2: Triplets again, same situation.
    Gwendolyn Diana (Gwen).
    Gillian Anne (Gilly).
    Geoffrey Thomas.

    Year 3: miscarriage. Our own TV show? In our dreams. I'd hate that, actually.

    Year 4: Twins, boy/girl.
    Elinor Elisabeth.
    Fraser Duncan.

    Year 5: Boy.
    Tavish Michael.

    Year 6: Boy.
    Declan Mark.

    Year 7: Miscarriage, another non-existent TV show.

    Year 8: Boy.
    Fergus Owen.

    Year 9: Boy/girl twins.
    Blaise Timothy.
    Cecily Isabelle.

    Year 10: Miscarriage.

    3- You or your husbands best friend sadly dies in a car accident- he/she lives 2 children to you. What are their names- they start with J.
    Jeremy Jasper.
    Jessamine Rosalie.

    4- Move houses

    5- You redo one of the kids or future kids bedrooms!

    Gemma/Grace/Gulliver -- 11
    Gwen/Gilly/Geoffrey -- 10
    Jeremy -- 9
    Elinor/Fraser -- 8
    Tavish -- 7
    Declan -- 6
    Jessamine -- 5
    Fergus -- 4
    Blaise/Cecily -- 3
    "Nothing ever fatigues me, but doing what I do not like."

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    DH: Griffin Daniel
    DW: Sophie Louisa

    Year 1 - I get pregnant with triplets, 2 girls and a boy named Genevieve Claudie Belle "Ginny", Georgiana Hadley "Georgie" Kate & Gray Samuel North.

    Year 2 - We're not pregnant this year so decide to redecorate Ginny & Georgie's bedroom like this:

    Year 3 - Still not pregnant, we decide to move house to this place so that the triplets can all have their own rooms:

    Year 4 - DH gets a brilliant job opportunity in a new area with a raise so we decide to move house again to a large family home with room for more children should we have any. It looks like this:

    Year 5 - Finally, we get pregnant!! Gray now 4 is very excited to hear that he's having a little brother who we name Otto William Lee

    Year 6 - Sadly my husband's best friend dies in a car crash leaving his two children in our care, a boy and girl called James Jr (6) & Jessamine Poppy (4) who look like this:

    Year 7 - After a very sad year, we are happy to share the news that we are expecting a little girl, good job we moved to such a big house! We decide to call her Lilac Valentina James, James after DH's best friend.

    Year 8 - Ginny & Georgie are now 7 and want a more grown up looking bedroom so we redecorate it like this:

    Year 9 - We are pregnant again! We have a little boy and name him Sullivan Thomas Rees

    Year 10 - Sadly I have a miscarriage which devastates everyone, however in happier news the family get our own tv show based on my interior designing talents!

    The family - Griff & Sophie + James (10), Ginny, Georgie, Gray (9), Jess (8), Otto (5), Lilac (3) & Sully (1)
    28 year old name nerd, dreaming of a future:

    Claudie, Lilac, Hadley, Thea, Phoebe, Mirabelle, Penelope & Clementine.
    Otto, Quentin, Xavier, Ace, Lennox, Byron, Rafferty & Harlan.

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    DH: Dylan Elias O'Brien
    DW: Lydia Charlotte O'Brien

    Year 1 ~ 2. You get pregnant!
    1. Girl, FN = E, MN = choice
    Name: Elsa Louise O'Brien

    Year 2 ~ 6. Choice!
    We get a dog - a female Border Collie puppy.
    Name: Rizzo

    Year 3 ~ 5. You redo Elsa's room!
    Room - 6.

    Year 4 ~ 2. You get pregnant!
    3. G/G/B Triplets! FN = G, MN = deceased friend/relative
    Names: Ginnifer Crystal O'Brien 'Ginny', Gabriella Holland O'Brien 'Gabby' and Griffin Tyler O'Brien

    Year 5 ~ 6. Choice!
    We get another dog - a female German Shepherd/Husky puppy.
    Name: Nehima

    Year 6 ~ 3. Your best friend dies in a car accident, leaving their children to you.
    Names: Jacob Matthew Cooper 'Jake' and James Thomas Cooper 'Jamie'

    Year 7 ~ 2. You get pregnant!
    2. Boy, FN = F, MN = choice
    Name: Felix Jasper O'Brien

    Year 8 ~ 4. You move house!
    New house: 5.

    Year 9 ~ 6. Choice!
    I get pregnant unexpectedly with G/G/B/G/G quints! FN = Mythological names, MN = Colour names
    Names: Kora Cerise O'Brien, Thalia Hazel O'Brien, Perseus Cordovan O'Brien 'Percy', Hestia Ruby O'Brien, and Freya Poppy O'Brien

    Year 10 ~ 2. You get pregnant!
    5. Boy, FN = Choice, MN = Y
    Name: Samuel Yardley O'Brien 'Sam'

    Dylan & Lydia O'Brien with their 13 children - Elsa, Ginny, Gabby, Griffin, Jake, Jamie, Felix, Kora, Thalia, Percy, Hestia, Freya and Sam - and their 2 dogs - Rizzo and Nehima.
    Vote for your favourites!!

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    DH: Jesse Kyle
    DW: Rosie Grace

    Year 1) I have Twins: Georgia Marlowe, Grace Mya and Gabriel "Gabe" Joseph

    Year 2) We adopt! A 10 yr old girl named Avery Bella!

    Year 3) We redo Avery's bedroom!

    Year 4) We move!

    Year 5) My best friend, Zachiyah Marlowe Reese, and her husband, Zayn Luke Reese, die in a car accident - they leave us their 5 year old twin daughters, Jade Lianna and Jordyn Laura.

    Year 6) We get 3 beagle puppies - to stop the girls' whining - Two girls,Bree and Dakota, and a boy named Biscuit.
    We also open our own family restaurant called Miles of Smiles

    Year 7) I sadly have a miscarriage, which devastates me and my family. In happier news we get your own tv show- a reality show about us and our 6 kids owning the family restuarant.

    Year 8) We move again!

    Year 9) I have a little boy named Liam Yohan

    Year 10) We redo Gabe's Room!

    Rosie and Jesse with:
    Avery {12}
    Jade and Jordyn {10}
    Georgia,Grace and Gabe {9}
    Liam {1}
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    Blessed with 2 little rascals:

    My Treacherous Twins

    Sadie Mae and Reagan Louisa

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    DW: Amy Charlotte
    DH: Carlo James

    Year 1: We have a girl, Emily Madeline.
    Year 2: We have a boy, Caleb Matthew.
    Year 3: We have twins, Benjamin James & Riley Charlotte.
    Year 4: We redo Emily’s room,
    Year 5: Carlo’s friends die in a car crash and leave us, Jacob Michael & Jessica Margaret.
    Year 6: We have a girl, Eden Justine.
    Year 7: We have a boy, Declan William
    Year 8: We move to a bigger house. http://www.bucklandhomecontractors.c...s/18830033.JPG
    Year 9: We decorate all the kids’ rooms.
    Year 10: Carlo’s friends die in a car crash and leave us, Jasper Alexander & Joshua Thomas.

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