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    HELP!!! Sedona or Sidonie??! opinions needed

    Hi everyone! I just wanted your thoughts and opinions on something,
    Living in the US do you like Sedona or the french Sidonie better? how do each of the names sound to you and do you feel that they each send off different vibes or different images?
    Also how would Sidonie be pronounced in the US? like Si-DO-knee or SI-DO-nee or would you almost skip over the O and say it fast so that it almost sounds like sydney? or maybe even Sid-uh-nee??


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    I don't really like Sedona at all, but I'm not a fan of place names.

    Sidonie, even though it is legit, looks like a trendy spelling of Sydney and I think it will be pronounced the same as well.
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    I Love Sidonie. I do worry a bit though about people hearing it and thinking it it's Sydney. I would say it Si-do-nee.

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    I don't care for Sedona at all, it feels a little cheap, IMO.

    Sidonie, on the other hand, is beautiful! I say it "sid-on-ee", so a LITTLE like Sidney, but the -on is a distinct sound. I love it. You could also do Sidonia, kind of the best of both names.

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    I know a little girl named Sidonie and I absolutely love her name!

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