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    So, I saw this name today ---

    Where I work, I see a lot of names. The name I saw was actually a surname, but I immediately fell in love with it as a possible surname-turned-first name and thought someone might like it. I doubt hubby would go for it, of course, since it's super-unusual.

    The name is Harlaux -- Like Margaux, but with H. I know Harlow/e is a name, already, but I love the idea of spelling it this way.

    Thoughts? :-)

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    Well, I'm not a big fan of Harlow because it looks too much like harlot to me. Personally, I don't think the more unique spelling improves it.
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    It's not my style but it's cute!
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    I like Harlow, but Harlaux for some reason reminds me more of the Harlem/Harlot association.... I can't figure out why though
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    Harlaux seems really confusing pronunciation-wise.

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