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Thread: Not loving Lily

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    Not loving Lily

    Hi berries, thank you for your continued support and help! I'm starting to not love Lily, the feel is throwing me off. I used to love the charm when it was less popular but now it's lost it's spark to me. I want something vintagey sweet. I love the name Edith and mentioned it to a good friend over tea this morning and she laughed! I was so disappointed. I think Edith is so strong and love the slightly more approachable Edie. We also love Miriam and Marion. Any suggestions? Is Edith that bad? Middle name will be Corinne. We are looking for vintage names, bonus if they have a sweet nickname. Thank you, Shannon Xx
    Baby Girl due 7.4.13
    Margot, Miriam, Marion, Marian, Elizabeth nn Betty, Vera, Edith nn Edie

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    We also like Vera!
    Baby Girl due 7.4.13
    Margot, Miriam, Marion, Marian, Elizabeth nn Betty, Vera, Edith nn Edie

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    I'm not keen on the name Edith myself, I personally see it as an elderly womans name but the nn. Edie is lovely. I think Lily Corinne is a lovely name, some others you might like are:

    Ivy Corinne
    Sadie Corinne
    Violet Corinne
    Nora Corinne
    Flora Corinne
    Poppy Corinne
    Eleanor Corinne
    Current favourites:
    Girls:Amelie, Isobel, Ruby and Imogen.
    Boys: Reuben, Joel, Caleb and Tobias.

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    I love all those names more than Lily! Edith, Marian (I prefer this spelling; I believe Marion was the original boys' spelling, just as Francis is the boy version of Frances), and Vera are among my faves! People think Edith and Edie sound old and stuffy, but they're just behind. Vera Corinne is my favorite of your ideas, though it doesn't have a standout nickname (maybe Evie?).

    What about:
    Laurel (nn Laure, Ellie, Ella)
    Eliza (Ellie, Liza)
    Ellen or Helen (Ellie, Lena, Nell)
    Rosemary (Rosie)
    Margaret (Daisy or Mamie)
    Emmeline (Emme, Lina)
    Adelaide (Addy, Lida)
    Mariel (Mare, Ella)
    Dorothy (Dolly, Dot, Thea)
    Susan/Susannah/Suzanne (Annie, Sanne, Sukey)

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    I like Edith and Vera.( Im not so keen on Edie though.) What about Elsie or Violet??
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