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    Merritt is very cute, and flows well with Rowan. I see you have Asher on your list. I thought I would suggest Archer. It has a similar feel but more uncommon, especially as a choice for a girl. Scarlett also came to mind, as it is a stylish and strong name, just like Rowan. Good luck and happy name gathering!

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    Merit just seems hard to me, sorry I still love Sawyer and Rowan!
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    I love Meritt with two t's.
    It would make a great sis-set with Rowan.
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    I think of demerit...which isn't a very good association. But I like the way it sounds.
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    Oh, and Merit can also be spelled Merritt, as in the lake in Oakland, CA ( There's a bunch of other stuff in the area with this name on it too. I realized that this might also be why I like the names - I spent two amazing years living two blocks away from the lake and have amazing memories
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