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    Red face Thoughts on Merit?

    Just wanted to get some feedback on this name before it officially goes on my list. What are your thoughts/opinions/feelings towards Merit? And should I spell it Merit or Merritt? I know they are technically 2 different names, which one is more appealing?

    My "list," puny I know...

    Asher (yes, for a girl.)
    My cherished daughter, Rowan Jane. ~b. 10/2011~

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    Morgan ~ Asher ~ ___ ~ ___ ~ Currently trying to fill the blanks...

    Trying for #2 in January 2014.

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    I adore Merritt. Very handsome, very masculine, and something substantial for a young man to aspire to. I've known exactly one IRL, and he was just an all-around good guy.

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    I know a little girl named Merit, and it's very precious on her. She's a sweet, round-faced, blond two year old. I personally prefer it by leaps and bound above Sawyer and Asher for a girl and think it goes the best as a sister for Rowan.

    As for the spelling, I think I prefer Merit to Merritt. However, I think this is mostly because of my personal associations (Merit = coworker's daughter; Merritt = annoying boy who I went to high school with). If you're up in the air about it, I'd go with the meaning you like the best.

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    I love Merit Mostly for the aforementioned ancient Egyptian connection. In the second part of that programme I finally saw it written down. It seems the direct hieroglyphics to English is 'Meryt' but I think Merit is probably better. A basic Google says it means 'beloved'. Adorable all round!

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    ★ Iris ★ Lilah ★ Merit ★ Sylvia ★

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    I went to school with a young woman named Maret, which I suspect was a family name. I personally prefer Maret or Merritt because Merit as a word name seems a bit self-indulgent or self-congratulatory to me.

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