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    Thanks, bailibsmum!

    You're either a fellow gamer nerd, or you found a very complete list somewhere. I'm impressed.

    Here are the names I like:
    Xylem (This would make a cool middle name for a boy)
    Oceanna (my husband doesn't like this one)
    Liara (I wish this was a "real" name with a nice meaning because it's pretty and Mass Effect was great)

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    Thanks, Sunshine.10!

    Here are my favorite names from your list:

    Althea (the main character in our buddy's book) - love the meaning too

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    Rutherford or Democritus.

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    The names with meanings for me:
    Lazuli, Azure, Azura, Mazarine, and Cyan: I like these as an homage to one of my favorite poems, Shel Silverstein's "Masks." Link here: I also like Blue as a color for the deep ocean and clear sky, the two infinities.
    Boheme- I like for its obvious artistic connotation
    Ariadne- I like the idea of the Ariadne mythological figure leading Theseus out of the maze, a guide and savior through the winding labyrinth
    Isis- Same reason, essentially: In Egyptian mythology, Isis' husband Osiris was killed by his brother Set, who then threw the pieces of Osiris' body into the wind, scattering them across the earth. Isis traveled the world picking up the pieces and put Osiris back together again.
    Annabel- For Annabel Lee
    Aurora and Borealis- Occasionally, the sun emits bursts of super energized plasma that has reacted so much it actually changes the atomic form of gas. The plasma travels to earth and hits us directly, but instead of harming us, the earth's magnetic fields pull it to the poles, where it becomes Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis. I think it's a pretty beautiful fact!
    Stella or any star-related name: From Neil DeGrasse Tyson's "Most Astounding Fact"
    Willow- a tree that bends in all directions with the wind, but never breaks (poetically, of course- you can break a willow, it's just not easy.)
    Saoirse- means "freedom"
    Callum- "Dove," the bird of peace.
    Quill and Penn- Because writing is so wonderful!
    Ray- Ray of hope, ray of light- the word always seems to imply something really positive
    Oak- The tree of strength and endurance. Also Professor Oak, if you're a nerd.
    Adam- because it's a homonym to "Atom," and also means "Man." It reminds me of the (science-related) quote "Given enough time, hydrogen begins to wonder where it came from and where it is going." because it is about groups of atoms contemplating themselves, which, ultimately, is what humans are.

    That's all I can think of off the top of my head, I'll add more if I think of them. Let me know if any strike your fancy!

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    Thanks, Daisy451. Those are some interesting names and explanations.

    Here are my favorites:
    Lazuli - my first painting teacher told us that blue pigment used to be very expensive because it was made of the gemstone lapis lazuli, every time I use blue paint I think of this stone
    Azure - I like this name, but the pronunciation is a little tough for me
    Cyan - this would be cool as a middle name to pay respect to my husband's occupation, where this color holds special meaning
    Aurora - cool on so many levels
    Stella - I like this name, although it's getting a little too popular. Neil DG Tyson is the best.
    Willow - my mother in law keeps trying to get me to use this name, which I love, but it's very popular

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