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    Help us think of Nature, Science, or Inspiring Meaning baby names!

    Hello Berries!

    My husband and I are both nerdy science fiction loving artists and we're looking for a name for our first baby. We don't know the gender yet so we are thinking of both boy and girl names. Less popular names (not in top 50) are preferable.

    We love: nature, space, science, math, art, colors, science fiction, video games, and inspirational meanings.

    *Difficulty* - We're not big on Bible names.

    Thanks for your help, Berries. This is so exciting!
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    hi skylark,
    i think these may be off the wall but I figured i'd throw them out there anyway-for the heck of it:
    Orion -constellation- space
    Nash-after John Nash
    Amadeus- my favorite composer
    Violet and Indigo- colors

    This was fun. good luck with your name search

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    Thank for your reply, Csmom.

    I purposely didn't say which names we already like because we want whatever comes to your mind.

    Orion - cool. I like it.
    Nash - interesting
    Amadeus - my husband was big on Orchestra back in High School and College, so he will appreciate this one.
    Violet and Indigo - I LOVE these names. Violet might be getting a little too popular for my taste, but I still love it anyway.

    Thanks again. <3

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    Allegra? I like the connection to the musical term, Allegro, and it's meaning (cheerful, lively) but it also has a long history, including being Byron's daughter and the daughter of Longfellow (in the poem The Children's Hour)

    Between the dark and the daylight,
    ****When the night is beginning to lower,
    Comes a pause in the day’s occupations,
    ****That is known as the Children’s Hour.

    I hear in the chamber above me
    ****The patter of little feet,
    The sound of a door that is opened,
    ****And voices soft and sweet.

    From my study I see in the lamplight,
    ****Descending the broad hall stair,
    Grave Alice, and laughing Allegra,
    ****And Edith with golden hair.

    A whisper, and then a silence:
    ****Yet I know by their merry eyes
    They are plotting and planning together
    ****To take me by surprise.

    A sudden rush from the stairway,
    ****A sudden raid from the hall!
    By three doors left unguarded
    ****They enter my castle wall!

    They climb up into my turret
    ****O’er the arms and back of my chair;
    If I try to escape, they surround me;
    ****They seem to be everywhere.

    They almost devour me with kisses,
    ****Their arms about me entwine,
    Till I think of the Bishop of Bingen
    ****In his Mouse-Tower on the Rhine!

    Do you think, o blue-eyed banditti,
    ****Because you have scaled the wall,
    Such an old mustache as I am
    ****Is not a match for you all?

    I have you fast in my fortress,
    ****And will not let you depart,
    But put you down into the dungeon
    ****In the round-tower of my heart.

    And there will I keep you forever,
    ****Yes, forever and a day,
    Till the walls shall crumble to ruin,
    ****And moulder in dust away!
    Melissa, Mama to Oscar Leopold.
    Little Sparkler coming next July.

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    Thanks for your thoughtful response, Mei Mei.

    I like the name Allegra. It's beautiful. Cool poem. My father in law is an actor. He will appreciate that poem.

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