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    Your name is Rachel Elizabeth. You are twenty-two years old and in your final year at college where you are studying English Literature. A week before graduating, you meet a guy called Simon George. He's twenty-four and working as a waiter. You meet walking in the park when a dog knocks you over and he rushes to your rescue. He asks you out on a date and you say yes. You go to your favourite restaurant and you both hit it off straight away. After your graduation, you go on several more dates. 1month later, things are getting serious. For the last few months you've been working as a waitress while applying for jobs. One day you get a phone call - you've got a job working as a magazine columnist. The only thing is, you'll have to move to, San Fran, California. You ask your boyfriend to move with you and a month later, you both move into your new flat. A year later, you and your boyfriend are settled into your new jobs and are watching TV one day when your boyfriend proposes! You say yes and, a year later, you get married. The wedding is fun and Disney themed (How Simon ever agreed you don't know), but your honeymoon ends up being his choice, and you go to Eygpt. While you're on your honeymoon, you both decide you want to start trying for a baby when you get back, but when you arrive home, you discover you're pregnant already! Nine months later, you give birth to your first child, a little boy: Sebastian Shane. You both love parenthood and, when your child is two, you're thrilled to discover you're pregnant again! Nine months later, you give birth for the second time, this time a girl: Delphine Brooke. A year later, your kids are four and one when your husband turns thirty. He has an early mid-life crisis and decides on a career change, he becomes a kindergarten worker. His new job means you have to move again. Your two bedroomed flat is getting a bit cramped and you had been planning to move anyway. You move to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A month after you move, you discover you're three months pregnant! Six months later, you give birth to another girl: Roberta Winter. Two years later when the kids are seven, four and two, you decide to buy a bouncy beagle that you name Ziggy. Five years later, you're thirty-six, your husband is thirty-eight and your kids are twelve, nine and seven. You and your husband are both doing well at work, the kids are enjoying school and you think your family is finished until you unexpectedly fall pregnant with identical boy triplets! You and your husband decide the first names, but your youngest wants the middle names to be after their favourite Disney characters. They end up being: Alexander Sid, Elijah Francis, and James Oliver Rex. All together your family is = Rae (36) and Simon (38) with: Seb (12), Delphie (9), Bobby (7), Lex(nb), Elijah(nb), Jimmy(nb); and Ziggy (5).
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