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  • Morgan Violet West

    8 12.31%
  • Imogen Lily West

    33 50.77%
  • Bronwyn Rose West

    13 20.00%
  • Rhiannon Daisy West

    11 16.92%
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Thread: Final 4!

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    Final 4!

    Ok, I've shown Brogan+Hannah the list of names, and they've come down to these 4. They're all Celtic names paired with flower middle names, but, again, I've been asked to post on which suits the best, because really, I have absolutely no idea. What do you think?
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    Tough choice for me between Morgan and Bronwyn. Bronwyn won. I would prefer Morgana to Morgan.
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    Bronwen and Rhiannon are my favorites, but I don't like Daisy so I vote for Bronwen Rose.

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    I have such a crush on Rhiannon. Not such a fan of Daisy, but Rhiannon is so lovely.

    Bronwen (I believe this is the feminine spelling of this name) would be my next choice.
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    I was torn between Imogen Lily and Rhiannon Daisy. Not a fan of Daisy, so went with Imogen.

    Also, a little tidbit, wen = girl & wyn = boy. That is what fellow berry told me.

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