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Thread: Pet Berries!

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    Our newest addition: Lexie! (I posted pics of the cats earlier)
    She is a Sheltie/Border Collie/Aussie mix


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    I have two cats, both moggies who were adopted from the local RSPCA shelter. They are the loves of my life; I do not know what I'd do without them.

    Lilly - Lilly is 18 years old. She has an over-active thyroid and has also been struggling with stomach cancer for 2.5 years. It is now very advanced, so we do not know how much longer she'll be with us, but we are enjoying spoiling her for as long as we can. Lilly was the name the shelter gave her; we kept it because we liked it and it suited her - she's quiet, gentle and elegant.

    Attachment 2606 - (this is an old photo of her, before she got sick.)

    Poppy - Poppy is 15 years old and also has an over-active thyroid. She is a little monkey who loves to around people and play; you would not know she is 15 - she still acts like a kitten! She was originally named Tigra by the shelter, but we changed it to Poppy to keep with the flower theme. I think Tigra would have suited her well though, because she's a little tiger!

    Attachment 2608

    I love animals, and I have had many pets, but these two are definitely my favourites!

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    I have hundreds of pictures, but I'm not that good at uploading. Plus, that would mean I would have to decide.

    I have a fat Turkish Van male cat named Louie nn Lou, Loulou, Baby, Princess, Baby Boo Boo, Sweetie, Pinky Dinky Doo, the Littlest Dog, Babouska, etc. He was originally named Garfield when I adopted him, but I hated that name so much. Louie suited him better. I tell people that he's named after Louis XIV the Sun King because he's fat and he looks French.

    When I was three- or four-years-old, my family adopted a Golden Retreiver named Harley. We named her after the school my sister and I went to. Her middle name is Golden Heart, which is adorable. She's the friendliest (and dumbest) dog you will ever meet! I'm not quite sure how old she is now. She's the only dog we've ever adopted from a breeder, so we know her exact age.

    My family also has a nine-year-old Border Collie named Bradley. That's the name he had when we adopted him, but it went along with our theme of -ley names.

    Our cat Zoe died two years ago on Father's Day, but I've had her all my life that it feels wrong excluding her. When we adopted her from the local shelter, her name was Isabella (before the whole Bella craze). Nobody seemed to like the name, so my mom decided on Zoe. It's kinda of awkward now because I know a lot of human Zoe's. I always feel the urge to say, "That's my cat's name." She was a domestic shorthair black-and-gray tabby. When she was about thirteen or so, she got diabetes.

    I love my pets and their names!
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    I don't have any pictures of them on my laptop right now... (on vacation)

    Odysseus: Siberian husky. My husband got him when he was four/five years old. He named him after a clever hero from Greek mythology. He was indeed very clever and to this day, I am positive that he understood what I said. Seriously. But he was the shy and rough type who on the outside appears mean but was actually very sweet and adorable. I fell in love with him the moment I met him. He passed away thirteen years ago, and unfortunately only my oldest son remembers him well as my second oldest was a mere months old at the time. My husband was heartbroken that his lifelong companion had left. Of course Odie (his nn) had mated with a sweet little lady before leaving this world.

    Penelope: In Greek mythology, she was Odysseus's faithful wife. Original, I know. Penelope is a sweet little German Shepherd. A bit small for her breed. She was the perfect match for Odie, and bore him the most adorable pups ever! I got her as a gift for Odie on his birthday. She is fortunately still here in this world. She's definitely a smart little one. She's a bit slow now due to her age, but still the same Penelope.

    Ettore: a mix between a Siberian Husky and a German Shepherd. Ettore is the Italian form of Hector, the great Trojan prince. Sweet little one, a bit rough like his father.

    Hadrian: a mix between a Siberian Husky and a German Shepherd. Hadrian was a Roman emperor, one of the "great ones" I believe. Definitely like his father.

    Trajan: The epic name of yet another Roman emperor goes to a proud and beloved stray cat we picked up a few years ago. We don't know what breed he is. Poor thing was almost dead when we found him. He's now healthy and well taken care of. Surprisingly he gets along well with the dogs.
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    I have a longhaired chihuahua named Josie, not really any reason behind her name, but I had another chihuahua puppy right before Josie who I named Joni, so I wanted their names to be similar since I loved Joni's name!


    Joni (had a heart murmur, so she died young):

    And my 4 chickens!


    Steve (who we think is a hen..):

    Russell Crowe:


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