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Thread: Pet Berries!

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    And Ottilie, your cats are flipping adorable!
    Mum to a dwarf hamster, Pashmina Aerica

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    This is my hamster Persephone.

    This is my dog Paige. She's a border collie/collie mix. She's around 8 years old.

    This is my puppy Harley Quinn. She's a border collie/australian cattle dog mix. She's a little over 6 months old.

    This is Harley and Paige in February. One of my favourite pics of them.

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    These are my little furry darlings:

    Bodie the border terrier (mn. Rex) - nearly 5

    Pipkin the rabbit - 7.5, an elderly lady

    Peri the guinea pig - 5

    Polly the guinea pig - 2.5

    There's Squirt the turtle too, but I don't have a decent photo of him.
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    This is inspiring! We almost "impulse" adopted a kitty this past weekend.
    I say "impulse" because we've been considering it for about a year now however, our apt building doesn't allow pets it looks the other way as long as nobody complains - we even have a lady who works for the building who openly advertises she'll take care of your cat while out of town. lol. It does make adopting from a shelter impossible though - since around here they call your building to make sure it's pet friendly. I guess I'll just have to wait until we move in a couple of years. (And we'd move but the place is rent controlled and I'm in grad school.)

    I used to have a bunny named Flecky (which means spotty in German) he was white and grey and got his name from the original owner. I was about 7 and figured cliche's were great! :P
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    PuddinTang is a 1 year old Siberian Forest Cat.
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