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    Pet Berries!

    Okay, since we have a "Berry Faces" thread, I figured we should have one for our beloved pets. Tell us all about your pets, how/why you chose their names, and of course--pictures!!!

    I'll start:

    My little cat, Pepper. She's sweet and loveable, but also feisty and independent. I chose her name because she looks like a jar of mixed peppercorns.

    My gianormous dog Kuno. He loves food. He's talkative and howls and whines at me when I come home. He's most likely a shepherd/sighthound mix. I was browsing a name site and found the name Kuno. I thought it was neat sounding, and I loved that it meant "brave". Alas, Kuno is a wuss.

    My ratty girls! All are sweet, loveable little ratties who like to snuggle and explore. All three were named for literary characters--just for fun!

    Last but not least is my Appaloosa pony, Mia. She is incredibly laid back. I can do anything to her and she doesn't care. However, she loves her food and can get very upset if she thinks she's not getting fed on time! I chose Mia because she had a yearling foal when I got her, and the folks were calling her Mama. Mama Mia, get it? Lame, I know.
    Love my dog Zephyr <3
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