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    The Forest Moon of Endor

    CAF with your User Profile!

    All names are from the name ticker at the top of the screen. Yes, even the last names.
    You will need to have your "My Profile" tab open in another tab or window. If you can't find it, look under the grey and green Forum bar where it says Welcome, yourscreenname. Look two to the right. Click on My Profile.

    Last Name:
    Click on About Me. Scroll down to Statistics and look for Join Date. What year did you join Nameberry?
    2008- Lee
    2009- Shay
    2010- Dempsey
    2011- Miller
    2012- Elliot
    2013- Garrett
    2014- Martin
    2015- Calloway
    2016- Parker
    2017- Hudson
    2018 or later- Walker

    First Name:
    Scroll down to Friends. How many friends do you have?
    0- Shaun
    1- Ian
    2- George
    3- Eric
    4- Christopher
    5 to 10- Theo
    10 to 20- Marco
    More than 20- Jonah

    Middle Name:
    Scroll down to Recent Visitors. How many visits has your page had?
    >50- Remus
    51 to 150- Blane
    151 to 250- Skylar
    251 to 500- Felix
    501 to 750- Ezekiel
    751 to 1000- Brogan
    More than 1000- Darien

    First Name:
    Click on About Me. Scroll down to Statistics and look for Join Date. In what month did you join Nameberry?
    January- Jana
    February- Alison
    March- Lucy
    April- Samantha
    May- Irene
    June- Josephine
    July- Amelia
    August- Anne-Marie
    September- Lenore
    October- Annika
    November- Eleanor
    December- Valerie

    Middle Name:
    Look right above your profile picture. Does it say Junior Member, Member, Senior Member, Moderator, or Administrator?
    Junior Member- Louisa
    Member- Beth
    Senior Member- Pearl
    Moderator- Sylvie
    Administrator- Millie

    DD #1:
    First Name:
    Click on About Me and scroll down to Posts Per Day. How many Posts Per Day do you have?
    >1- Taite
    1 to 2- Ayla
    2 to 3- Elena
    3 to 4- Roan
    4 to 5- Uma
    5 to 6- Julia
    6 to 7- Jacqueline
    7 to 8- Alexandra
    8<- Octavia

    Middle Name:
    Click on About Me and scroll down to Total Posts. How many times have you posted?
    >50- Nyala
    51 to 100- Melody
    101 to 150- Piper
    151 to 200- Harlow
    201 to 250- Evelyn
    251 to 300- Daya
    301 to 500- Grace
    501 to 1000- Margaret
    1001 to 2500- Felicity
    2501 to 5000- Ayva
    5000<- Jessamine

    DS #1:
    First Name:
    Scroll down to Recent Visitors. What is the first letter of the first screen name listed? (If the first screen name listed is thisisfake123, then the first letter would be t.)
    A through I- Knox
    J through R- Everett
    S through Z- Austin
    It's a number- Bodhi

    Middle Name:
    Scroll down to Groups. How many groups are you a part of?
    0- Sawyer
    1 to 5- Ethan
    6 to 10- Asher
    11 to 15- Aidan
    16 to 20- Otis
    More than 20- Ryan

    DD #2:
    First Name:
    Click on About Me and scroll down to Signature. How many girls' names are in your signature? (each combo counts as one name)
    0- Allegra
    1 to 3- Brynn
    4 to 6- Allegra
    7 to 9- Violet
    10 to 12- Naomi
    13 to 15- Henley
    16 to 18- Lila
    19 to 21- Vivian
    22 or more- Kacey

    Middle Name:
    Click on About Me and scroll down to Signature. How many colors are used in the writing of your signature?
    1- Keira
    2- Honor
    3- Marie
    4- Haven
    5- Elsie
    6 or more- Dasha

    DS #2:
    First Name:
    Click on About Me and scroll down to Signature. How many boys' names are in your signature? (each combo counts as one name)
    0- Marley
    1 to 3- Leo
    4 to 6- Landon
    7 to 9- Otis
    10 to 12- Sean
    13 to 15- Cohen
    16 to 18- Locke
    19 to 21- Cody
    22 or more- Balthazar

    Middle Name:
    Click on About Me and look under Basic Information. How many of the six fields do you have filled out?
    0- Noah
    1- Derek
    2- Soren
    3- Riley
    4- Milo
    5- Quintavis
    6- Henry

    DD #3:
    First Name:
    Click on About Me and scroll down to Signature. Which font did you use? (If you used multiple, what font makes up the majority of the writing?)
    Arial- Aria
    Arial Black- Gabrielle
    Arial Narrow- Isla
    Book Antiqua- Elizabeth
    Century Gothic- Hazel
    Comic Sans- Teagan
    Courier New- Natalie
    Fixedsys- Harper
    Franklin Gothic Medium- Zara
    Garamond- Luna
    Georgia- Elfrida
    Impact- Etta
    Lucida Console- Nora
    Lucida Sans Unicode- Merryn
    Microsoft Sans Serif- Alanna
    Palatino Linotype- Eviana
    System- Eden
    Tahoma- Maggie
    Times New Roman- Thalia
    Trebuchet MS- Cressida
    Verdana- Corin

    Middle Name:
    Look at the URL at the top of the page. It can also be seen if you click on About Me and scroll down to Contact. What is the 5-digit number that comes right before your screen name in the URL (It should look like nametalk /members /FIVE_DIGIT_NUMBER /yourscreenname)?
    0 to 10000- Sarah
    10001 to 20000- Imogen
    20001 to 30000- Iris
    30001 to 40000- Elsie
    40001 to 50000- Nadia
    50001 to 60000- Vera
    60001 to 70000- Arlise
    70001 to 80000- Ruby
    80001 to 90000- Cassandra
    More than 90000- Scarlett

    DS #3:
    First Name:
    What is the first letter of your screen name?
    A through I- Lachlan
    J through R- Carver
    S through Z- Elijah
    It's a number- Oliver

    Middle Name:
    Look under your profile picture for Last Activity. What time was your last activity?
    12:01 AM through 6:00 AM- Theo
    6:00 AM through 12:00 PM- Finn
    12:01 PM through 6:00 PM- Brook
    6:01 PM through 12:00 AM- Jasper

    I hope you have enjoyed this little game! I will post mine below!
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    Favourites: Nathaniel James , Theodore Rupert, Sebastian Arthur, Benjamin Charles
    Rosalie Pearl, Victoria Claire, Amelia Charlotte, Joanna Edith

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    Zoe Francesca. Eden Magnolia. Lily Aurelia. Yara Colette. Kaye Luciana
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    "C." Mid 20's. Sonographer and hobbyist writer/drawer.

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