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    1 syllable boys names A-D

    So I went through the list of 1 syllable boys names and these are my favorites. I only got from A-D plus one F name. I'll go back and do the rest of the alphabet later. (maybe tonight.) I really like the idea of using a 1 syllable name. They are usually crisp, clear, masculine, and memorable when coupled with a short last name like ours. I like longer boy names too, so it isn't set in stone or anything, just something i'm exploring. Our last name sounds like Barren but isn't actually Barren. Which combo do you like best and what do you think of each name?

    Beach Barren
    Boone Barren (This one i like because it is french and means "a blessing" another child would certainly be a blessing.)
    Boyd Barren
    Bram/Braham Barren
    Brett Barren
    Brice Barren
    Chase Barren (Cute for a toddler, kind of rugged on a cowboy.)
    Clark Barren
    Craig Barren
    Dean Barren
    Dev Barren
    Finn Barren
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    I like Brett Barren, Bryce Barren (only this spelling though, Brice makes me think of lice), and Clark Barren. I know Barren isn't your actual last name, but depending on how similar it is, I think some of the names are too wordy to be paired with a wordy last name. Doesn't really sound like a name to me, if that makes sense.

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    Boone, Boyd, Clark, and Dean are my favorites.
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    I like Craig Barren and Dean Barren. Not on your list, but I think Drew Barren would work nicely too.

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