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Thread: WDYT of Asia

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    WDYT of Asia

    I love Asia and I'm curious to know what other people think.
    My favorite Asia combos are:
    Asia Camille
    Asia Lisette
    Asia Renee
    Asia Milan (these are both kind of place names. Is this bad?)
    Asia Claire
    Asia Maeve (to rhyme-ey?)
    Asia Jane

    Any good Asia combos?

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    Quote Originally Posted by paprika View Post
    I don't like Asia as a name. Naming your child after a continent (especially if you've never been to it) seems odd to me.
    Agreed. I wouldn't name my child Africa or Antarctica, either.

    Asia Camille and Asia Claire are the best combos, I think.
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    @paprika It's actually a name from Greek mythology- that's where the continent got its name from.

    I really like the sound of Asia, but I think the continent makes it unusable. I think it works best as a nn for Anastasia.

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    I think Asia's pretty! People use place names all the time(Paris, London, China, America, etc), so I think using Asia is just fine.

    Out of your combos I really like Asia Milan! I know it's two place names but i really like it. I also like Asia Claire.

    What about..

    Asia Rose
    Asia Primrose
    Asia Monet
    Asia Persephone
    Asia Clementine
    Asia Bluebell
    Asia Emilia
    Asia Hermione
    Asia Evangeline
    Asia Catelin/Katelyn (however you spell it)

    I also like daisy451's idea of using Asia as a nn for Anastasia, if you wanted to do that.
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    Are you pronouncing it like Asia the continent? My only exposure to Asia as a name is as the nickname for Joanna (from the polish diminutive Joasia) but its not pronounced the same (more like "asha"). I love Asia in that context.

    If you're saying it Asia continent Asia, Im less sold on it but I prefer Asia Claire as a combination.
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