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    Keep the Oisin spelling. The others just don't look right, and Oisin really isn't that hard to grasp.

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    Oisin is a wonderful name, especially with your Irish heritage. Some people would probably mis-pronounce it the first time reading it (though teachers are really the only people who ever read a name before hearing it spoken, so I really don't feel that's a big deal at all. He'd deal with some mispronunciation issues on the first day of each school year, and really pretty rarely thereafter), but it's pronunciation is relatively simple and would be pronounced correctly every later time. Changing this particular name to an easier spelling seems to take a lot of the awesomeness away from the name. Some names work okay when changed (for example, I really can't decide whether I prefer Cianan or Keenan), but Osheen looks and feels strange to me.
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