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    Oisin (Ossian, Osheen)?

    Is the spelling and pronunciation of Oisin just far too confusing for a child living outside of Ireland?

    My husband has strong Irish heritage which he is very proud of. We also have a very typical Irish surname so using an Irish name does seem like a good fit, but we live in Australia and I'm wondering if this name is just going to be more trouble that it's worth?

    Personally, I absolutely ADORE the name. I love the meaning "little deer", the sound "Oh-sheen" and the incredible history. Oisin was regarded in legend as the greatest poet of Ireland, and also a warrior - I feel that this comes through in the name; both soft and strong qualities. I also love that it sounds like the word 'Ocean'. I thought Oshi could be a cute nickname.

    I'm not sure that the english spelling Ossian really clears up pronunciation issues... and Osheen just looks terribly dumbed down to me.

    I'd love to hear your thoughts on this name, how you would pronounce it, and which spelling you prefer.


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