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    Question Is Copeland a viable first name??

    First, a confession: it's my maiden name. And while I've encountered exactly one in real life and I thought it was sort of awkward as a first name. (Shocker: it was his mother's maiden name.) So even though I am all about upholding that sacred Southern tradition of saddling a son with mom's maiden name, I've never actually considered it a viable first name.

    But now some musician I'm not really familiar with has used it for his son and Tom Arnold has it in the middle spot. Is this a thing? Is it going somewhere? Or is it just coincidence?

    Anyone here ever encountered a Copeland? What would you think of it as a first name?

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    I've never encountered it as a fn, but I like it.

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    Not a fan. All surname to me. I might possibly use is as a middle name.

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    I really like it. I think it's a great tradition and is especially wearable if you're southern.

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    Copeland would be a wonderful name for the middle spot so you can honour your family heritage. I can't imagine it as a first name. If it was awkward for the Copeland that you knew, I don't think time would diminish this impression.
    All the best,

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