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    my cousins are oak and hickory! <3
    beautiful names!

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    Hickory and Asa gives me a bit of a hickster vibe that makes them kind of work together - Depression-Era Wizard of Oz's Hickory and an old-school country name like Asa. Kinda interesting and cool. Similar in feel to Asa would be Amos, Cyrus, Hiram, Silas, Jethro, Zell...?

    Then there's the nature thing: Rio, Winter, Sorrel, Rowan, Flint, Slate, Cedar, Fox, Peregrine, August...?

    And where hickster meets nature name: Jasper. I really think Hickory and Jasper together is completely perfect.

    Jasper and August have never been off the US Top Thousand, but they sort of never have been chart-toppers either. I like that about them. They both fit well with Hickory as a modern nature name and as a bit of an old-timey thing, and that's cool to me.

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    Of the ones that seem nicest with Hickory:

    Canyon - cute and interesting as a sibset
    Wilder, Sawyer and Walker- These are nice with Hickory; outdoorsy feel without being to themey; also all great middle names if you go with Canyon.

    Other ideas:


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    Does your last name start with a hard C sound or CH or a soft C? Canyon with a hard C might be too alliterative, although it could work. I don't love the feel of Canyon, but it does pair pretty well with Hickory, although I find it a little bit close to Hickory and Forrest/Heywood and being too similar.

    I really like Walker and Asa from your list. I agree with PP about Asa and Hickory both having an old-timer feel that works. Asa is similar in feel to Ezra; I wouldn't do Asa Ezra, but Asa Edward is nice. Edward is great because it's both the birth mom picking it and sharing her initial. I can see Ezra itself working although Asa is a better fit by a touch.

    Wilder is nice but I don't think it has real staying power. Same for Sawyer.

    What comes to mind:
    Seneca: a playwright, an Indian tribe, a kind of rock, a common place name: the last 3 give an outdoorsy vibe but of a totally different kind than Hickory.
    Weaver: reminds me of Walker and Wilder
    Webster: ditto but a bit more into the geek than Weaver, which might work
    Wiley: matching endings but it works
    Roosevelt: a president, feels naturey because it means "Rosefield"
    Ives: Unexpected name but there is this vague nursery rhyme tie in that right now doesn't feel overwhelming, although I suppose it could be. Also naturey because it reminds of Ivy.
    Sinjin: Thinking of St. Ives makes me think of this rare take on St. John, it just fits.
    Jethro: more of the huckster vibe, also kind of reminds me of Ezra and Asa as an old Biblical name

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    Hickory is gorgeous! Do you know the song "Hickory Wind?" Gillian Welch does a beautiful cover.
    Hickory and...

    Ywen (pronounced like Ewan, means "yew" in Welsh)

    Of your list, I really like
    Sol, but prefer it as a nickname for Solomon
    Spalding. Very cool. I love Spalding Gray, though his Staten Island Ferry suicide is a sad association..

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