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    Opinions on Possible Sibsets!

    Firstly, I'd like to thank everyone who replied to my thread about matchy triplet names. Hubby and I talked and decided it might not be the crime against humanity my mother has made it out to be. So, with the help of my new best friend Google and some Nameberry lists we have configured possible "themed" name sets, if you will.

    Imogen, Frida, and Ellis (artist names)
    Alice, Cecilia-yep, it's back on the table-, and Ivy (names from classic rock, of which we are huge fans)
    Adelaide, Hazel, and Cordelia (old ladyish names)
    Aurelia, Gemma, and Oriana (of DH's origin, Italian)
    Ianthe, Story, and Thisbe (names I love but am probably too chicken to use :P)
    Olive, Henrietta, and Juliet/te (names from our family trees)

    Also, we are completely stuck on middle names and we'd appreciate and suggestions! Any ideas for honoring a Howard or Geoffrey/Jeffrey in the middle would be great. Thanks!!


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    no ideas for the middles, sorry!
    Imogen, Frida and Ellis - COOL
    Alice, Cecilia (love) and Ivy - MEGA COOL
    Adelaide, Hazel and Cordelia - LOVE
    Aurelia, Gemma and Oriana - Aurelia and Oriana sound a bit similar with odd one out Gemma.
    Ianthe, Story and Thisbe - Like but don't go together in my opinion.
    Olive, Henrietta and Juliet/te - henrietta and juliet/te are too similar sounding to me.
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    the first and second sibsets are PERFECT.
    ...dreaming of naming my future first cat.

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    (and favorites of the non-pet names: Celia Hermione, Odette, Inigo, Arthur Rooney)

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    Top Three Sets

    Alice, Cecilia and Ivy - Probably my favourite trio! Lovely!
    Adelaide, Hazel, and Cordelia - all of them have an "el" in them but I don't mind them as a trio.
    Aurelia, Gemma, and Oriana - Aurelia is my favourite name of the three. They're all frilly and feminine.

    Bottom Three

    Imogen, Frida, and Ellis - I would not have a boyish name like Ellis with the other two noticeably feminine names
    Ianthe, Story, and Thisbe - This is my least favourite
    Olive, Henrietta, and Juliet/te - the last two names are too matchy
    All the best,

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    Imogen, Frida, and Ellis - I'm not really into this one, is Ellis a girl or a boy?
    Alice, Cecilia, and Ivy - My favorite of the sibset names. All three are totally beautiful!
    Adelaide, Hazel, and Cordelia - Second favorite of the sibset names, I'm into vintage old-lady names!
    Aurelia, Ggemma, and Oriana - Pretty
    Ianthe, Story, and Thisbe - Interesting, the only one that I would say is actually usable is Story, I have lots of names that I love but would never be brave enough to use either
    Olive, Henrietta, and Juliet - They are okay, but I think you have a few other sibsets that are prettier!

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