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    Your right, RAPM and RIPM aren't bad - I just felt the need to point it out just in case - people sometimes over look things. (I usually do).
    If Ofelia is her mn I wouldn't worry so much about people being confused about spelling and if he likes it I think having it be accurate to your native tongue is really cool.

    Viola might work as well.
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    Viola is on the list - it's been a favourite since I read Nightingale Wood!

    I'm very much aware of initials and I always write up names as full name, name and last name, nn and last name and initials - just to cover all bases :P My partner says I'm mad!

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    (Imo, I don't think that's mad..haha..I think that's smart. )

    Rosalie Viola Pearl M. (pretty!)

    No deliberate spelling in the initials..check. Pretty flow of the name...I say..check.)

    And you have nice ties into why you like each name...;D double check.

    ((Whatever your choice...hope you and your partner love it!))

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    I actually quite like that - I like how it sticks to vintage names, all of them with (imo) good associations and meanings. Not too OTT and no bad initials.

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    Sounds like you have a nice choice to mull over with your partner....;D

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