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    I was going to suggest Rosalie Margaret Pearl, but you're using Pearl to honor a Margaret?

    Rosalie Emilia Pearl is my other suggestion.

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    Sorry I haven't had time to go through this thread before now!

    Rosalie Olivia Pearl - I actually like this, but my partner doesn't want to use it as our youngest best friend is called Olivia.
    Rosalie Samantha Pearl - I'm not keen on Samantha - too much Sex and the City.
    Rosalie Ava Pearl - I really like this and will add it on the list. I've got a bit of a girl crush on Ava Gardner and I like how its feminine and subtle.
    Rosalie Ophelia Pearl - I LOVE Ophelia! Partner isn't so sure though... =/ I'm popping it on the list anyway!
    Rosalie Marilyn Pearl - Partner says "Marilyn Manson" o_O
    Rosalie Eloisa Pearl - I have bad associations with this name I'm afraid
    Rosalie Milena Pearl - I don't know if I like this name or dislike it. I'm not sure I like the Lee ending with me beginning
    Rosalie Bianca Pearl - I'm not too keen on the flow of this name
    Rosalie Serena Pearl - Partner says No way!
    Rosalie Aoife Pearl - My Scandinavian family wouldn't be able to pronounce this, although Aoife is beautiful!
    Rosalie Elena Pearl - I like Elena and have previously suggested Helena, but for some reason they rub my partner the wrong way
    Rosalie Esther Pearl - Can't use Esther as my sister wants to use it to honor her grandmother (half sister)
    Rosalie Wilhelmina Pearl - Wilhelmine is a defo no
    Rosalie Dahlia Pearl - I like this one! Again it's beautiful and subtle!
    Rosalie Ines Pearl - I like Ines and it's a previous suggestion of mine, however my partner doesn't like the sound of it.
    Rosalie Iris Pearl - I love Iris! Not sure my partner agrees, but I'm poppin this one on the list too
    Rosalie Sophie Pearl - Neither of us like Sophie. We've previously talked about Sophia, but I don't know - we both like it, but always end up going away from the name again
    Rosalie Marion Pearl - Marion is another defo no
    Rosalie Agnes Pearl - This name would be great as its a nod towards my Scandinavian heritage, but OH doesn't like the harsh "ag" sound.
    Rosalie Emilia Pearl - I don't really want to use Emilia as my aunt had a little girl with this name who died shortly after birth and I think it would upset her too much.

    And yes, we are using Pearl to honour our grandmothers who had variants of the name Margaret as none of us like any of them!

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