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    Rosalie Adeline Pearl.
    I would name a daughter Rosalie Adeline if the name hasn't been used in our family
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    Rosalie Camille Pearl - mmm I kinda find Camille a bit boring. It's very popular among my friends and I don't know if that's why I find it so.
    Rosalie Edith Pearl - I adore Edith! Unfortunately partner thinks its a "granny name", which it probably is, but it's still great. Think I'll put it on the list - it may just grow on him!
    Rosalie Elizabeth Pearl - Too many Elizabeth's, or generally just El's, in our family already. Hmm it IS mother in laws middlane.. will have to scrutinize this one more thoroughly.
    Rosalie Bettina Pearl - Oh no! This one is VERY 90s where I'm from!
    Rosalie Matilda Pearl - I like Matilda, but it's also the name of a step cousin (stepmums niece) so not sure...
    Rosalie Aubrey Pearl - I really like Aubrey, but I can't figure out whether it's my 'style' if that makes sense, still I will put it on the list.
    Rosalie Leilani Pearl - I love Leilani! I always sigh a little when I come across it in the name book. Only concern is it is very close to my own mums name (who I do NOT want to honour) and I don't want her to think she's being honoured. (Yup, complicated family relationship!). Hmm... I'm putting it on the list after all, the meaning of it is adorable!
    Rosalie Shania Pearl - Shania isn't me.
    Rosalie Seraphine Pearl - Seraphine is a favourite of mine. I'm not too sure about partner, he didn't say outright no, more like "meh..!" - It's going on the list!
    Rosalie Bronwyn Pearl - Bronwyn got the "eyebrow"... Oh fear the Eyebrow O_O (from him that is)
    Rosalie Shayla Pearl - It rhymes with my mothers name, so no.
    Rosalie Skyla Pearl - I used to love Skylar/Skyler but then a greek friend told me it's a derogative word for a woman in greek and I haven't been able to see it the same anymore.
    Rosalie Adeline Pearl - mmm I like it, but I'm not sure the flow is right.

    Are we being horrible picky?!

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    According to the names you already reviewed and seemed to have most positive reactions to...these names are my favorite:

    (though you might also want to figure out how the initials spell out with your last name...that could be a factor too ;D)

    Rosalie Ava Pearl
    Rosalie Dahlia Pearl

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    I don't know what your last name is so maybe this is a mute point but...
    I'd probably stay away from first mn's that start with a or i.
    I just see Rap_ and Rip_. (God forbid your last name starts with an E or she marries someone and takes their last name with an E and your daughters initials spell out rape or ripe. Clearly ripe isn't so bad but if she could be voluptuous I just see that as being unfortunate).

    I love Rosalie ___ Pearl ____ .

    How about:
    Ofelia (since he didn't say no but also not a definite yes to Ophelia maybe he feels differently about the Spanish version. My mom hates the ph but loves the f - you never know).
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    Our last name starts with M :P so RAPM and RIPM isn't so bad, imo.

    Ofelia is also the way we spell it in my native tongue, but in own experience it confuses people too much!

    Violetta is quite a nice twist to Violet, think I'll add this one.

    Harriet & Lorelei isn't our style at all.

    Defo no to Mariposa - the latter part is more or less how we say "Bag" in my native tongue =D

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