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    When to get maternity pictures done?

    Ok I'm 22 weeks and really just started showing a little bit. I'm due August 5th, I'm thinking pictures in mid June maybe early July. Is there a better/worse time to do it? I would like to have a bigger bump since that is the point but I don't want to be completely insane when pictures roll around worrying about everything else. Also any good picture ideas?
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    Personally, I would wait until the beginning of the 3rd trimester. That way you are likely to be nice and plump but not overwhelmed. Maybe 27 - 30 weeks? I think it depends on how soon you show, too - I didn't "look" pregnant with my son until I was well into the second trimester.

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    Early June would be the best, since your baby could likely come in late June or July. I was almost a month early! And you will probably be nice and somewhat round then, instead of big like it is at the end. Congrats!

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    I don't know a whole lot about having maternity photos done, but a friend had hers done at 30 weeks and they turned out lovely. You'll have quite the bump at that point, but early enough that you're a bit more I guess that would be early June/late May?
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    We did ours at 32 weeks. I was having twins and I am very glad we didn't do it any later! In some of the pictures there are definitely some stretch marks that I wish weren't there...
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