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    I hate the fake tan look, I think it looks tacky, IMO, especially with bleached hair. Spiced Pumpkin is a shade that should be saved for paint, not someones skin.

    I wear makeup, but not too much and not every day.

    I have 6 tattoos.

    I do go natural with no makeup or very minimal a lot of the time.

    I have very pale skin and while I would prefer some color on my legs, I would rather not look like a pumpkin pie and I look much sexier sans melanoma.

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    Good or bad? Perhaps being the daughter of a dermatologist makes me want to shout from the roof tops that too much sun over years causes damage and can lead to cancer....I know in his office they recommend spray tanner but I often times wonder about the chemicals in that as well. You seem from previous posts to be concerned with your looks and how especially men percieve you due to your skin etc. Love yourself and try not to get caught up in your looks and whst others think....Beauty is different to everyone and our looks last but a short time in the grand scheme of our lives. <3 As far as tats and makrup go...its personal preference I guess. I wear makeup when out most days (foundation, mascara...also a fan of good spf face lotion and lip balm) and have naturally olive colored skin. 6 tats and my hair is its natural color which is brown. Wouldnt say any are "good" or "bad", just that they are what I do and each petson needs to decide how best to feel comfortable in their own skin and go from there...
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    answer yes or no to:
    Do you do
    Fake tan? No, I love tanned skin but that is not a good look for me (super pale with dark red hair)
    Bleached hair? Can be gorgeous but not for me
    lots of makeup? I have a lot of fun with makeup but I don't wear tons, I do wear it daily though
    Tattoos? sure!

    not enough makeup? Makeup is totally a little creative outlet for me. Not mandatory but I enjoy putting it on/ playing with colors
    too pale? eh, I've embraced my pale skin

    I don't think any of these are really good or bad, just different. There isn't just one way to feel good/ be beautiful/ look awesome etc. I admire such a range of ladies.
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    Fake Tan- No. I live in the South so I have a hard time protecting my skin from the sun as is. I do like how my freckles pop out in the sun though. I don't like the overly tan look, real or fake.

    Bleached hair- No, I like enhancing hair color, but it has to look natural.

    Lots of makeup- No, I hardly ever wear make-up. If I do, it's just mascara during the day with a little eye shadow added for night. I think people usually look better with minimal make-up. Lots of make-up makes women look old.

    Tattoos- Sometimes I like tattoos I see on other people. I saw one girl with a tattoo of poppies and bumble bees, it was beautiful. For myself, I wouldn't get one now because I don't want to have something on my body I hate five years from now.

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    I have 3 tattoos, but they're in places that aren't visible when I'm dressed (except in the summer, my ankle tattoos are visible most of the time and my hip tattoo is visible in a swimsuit). As much as I'd love visible tattoos I want to break into the workforce in my thankfully art-related field first and see how it goes!

    As far as makeup, I wear a mineral-based eyeliner every day and that's it. If I'm having an interview or need to dress it up a little I'll add eyeshadow and clear gloss. I have to wear heavy stage makeup as a dancer, and I HATE it. After the performance is over I'm usually running to wash my face right away.

    And I'm very pale. I don't have the patience to lay out or the money to go tanning, and I worry about melanoma. I'm fine with my natural skin color. I am learning to be okay with my natural hair color (a sort of dull, mousey brown) since I stopped dying it almost a year ago, just dyed it very close to natural and am letting it grow out.
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