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    I don't fake tan, but I have nothing against it. I figure if you really like that sunkissed look, fake tan is probably the way to go. No wrinkle/cancer causing side effects...

    I feel with bleached hair it has to be done REALLY well for it to look good. And imo people look best with hair close to their natural color.

    I wear make up on a daily basis, but I don't feel like I wear a lot of make up. It takes too much time and is too fussy for me, but I know girls who love their make up and always look great. To each his own.

    I don't have tattoos and could never get one. I just can't imagine putting something so permanent on my skin, it would drive me nuts! but again to each his own.

    Honestly I think girls look their best when they own what they've naturally been given. I don't think we should feel like we HAVE to wear make up to look pretty, and personally I like pale skin, I'm peaches and cream all the way :P
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    I live in Southern California so I see all of this a lot

    Do you do
    Fake tan? NO - gross! seriously
    Bleached hair? NO, meh, I think it looks stupid on almost everyone
    lots of makeup? NO, yuck
    Tattoos? Meh, I don't have them, but they don't bother me as long as they aren't covering your entire body. I've thought about getting a small one, but I don't think DH would like it.

    not enough makeup? meh, I wear makeup everyday, but not a ton, just a bit of powder foundation and mascara. Caked on makeup and huge amounts of eye shadow are really off-putting.
    too pale? I'm not personally, but I don't think there is such a thing. Skin is skin. Learn to love who you are.
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    Fake tan? No. Well, when I was in high school I would get these awful softball tan lines. I wore my batting glove under my glove, usually, so my entire left hand and wrist quickly ended up several shades paler than the rest of my arm, and there was a very clear demarcation between "tan" and "ghostly white". I got some crappy watch lines in college, too, because I wore my watch during marching band practice. I admit that I did try to take care of these (with some degree of success) with home fake tanning stuff.

    Bleached hair? I've never even dyed my hair, much less bleached it. I've twice used spray dye on it (purple and blue): once in seventh grade, at a lock-in, and once last year, when my students convinced me to do it as part of a school spirit day thing.

    Lots of makeup? I don't think I could ever be accused of doing this! Maybe a few times as a kid when I was in plays and had to wear stage makeup.

    Tattoos? Needles freak me right the hell out, so no. I used to think it was impossible to have a tasteful, appealing tattoo, but I have since been proven wrong. I do have five piercings, though (all in my ears).

    Not enough makeup? More like not ANY makeup. I don't really need it, though: my complexion is clear and even, my eyelashes are plenty visible, and my mouth would look bizarre if it were any other color. I do wear (some very neutral) makeup to job interviews usually, though, since I'm afraid if I don't I'll look 10 years younger than I actually am instead of maybe only five. I also hate nail polish and never wear it, either.

    Too pale? Look it's not my fault that there's hardly any sun around here in the winter and also I can't be blamed for my genetics! I wouldn't say I'm "too" pale - though last year I was once asked if I was wearing socks with my shoes and I was not! my feet were simply the color of socks! - but yes, I am quite pale. I have lots of freckles and I look forward to their reemergence this spring.
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    LOL, my 80-something year old great aunt is the epitome of Florida retirement home lady - she has spent years and years and years in the sun and she looks like an old leather handbag. >_< (What doesn't help is that she likes to wear hot pants and tube tops lol, she always cracks me up.)
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    Fake tan? I used to use gradual tanner lotion and occasionally spray tan...I haven't since being pregnant though since the smell bothered me and I didn't feel totally comfortable with the chemicals. Go for a happy medium, a little fake color, but not so dark that I don't look like me (rather pale).
    Bleached hair? Nope. I have very dark brown/almost black hair and would look pretty silly with bleached hair.
    Lots of makeup? I do wear a fair amount of makeup, not your caked-on makeup or anything, but I feel incomplete without a mineral foundation, little blush/bronzer, mascara, eyeliner, and gloss.
    Tattoos? Nothing against them, I just haven't at this point. I may get a small something at some point in time, but only after a whole lot of thought....I don't want to be removing them in ten years as that process takes forever.

    I would like to second jemama, try not to worry too much. None of these things (with the exception of real tanning to the point you're doing some real damage to your skin and health) are good or bad. They're just right for some people and not right for others.
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