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    Quote Originally Posted by southern.maple View Post
    Here's a list of metronymic surnames:
    Interesting! I know it's not on that particular list, but this reminded me that Madison means "son of Maud" - maybe it was derived from Maudson? Along the same line, I also recently noticed that Isidore means "gift of Isis".
    it's name-o'clock somewhere

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    I have a friend with the middle name Anson because he is Ann's son

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    Quote Originally Posted by egilona View Post
    Cassander - from Cassandra
    Actually, according to, doesn't Cassandra/Kassandra come from Kassandros? Sorry, I'm only using its 'family tree device' as my source.

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    I'm a bit iffy on Beata/Beatus & Natale/Natalie, because they come from the words Beatus and Natale. Also Cecilia/Caecilius, Caecilius was a Roman family name. Cecilia comes from that, as does Cecil/Cecilio. Just saying.
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    I always like to see threads where people are seeking masculine versions of names in order to honor someone.
    I don't think you should necessarily give a boy a female name any more than you should give a girl a masculine name, but I think this is a way forward.
    Recognizing goodness, greatness, honorable qualities in females and reflecting them in masculine names.
    I would even gladly recommend "made-up" names for those circumstances.

    some of the most popular female names in the US:
    Mary - Mark, Martin, Marshall, Omar
    Patricia - Patrick, Patton
    Linda - Linden, Colin, Lincoln, Linford
    Barbara - Barclay, Barnabas, Barnaby
    Elizabeth - Eli, Elias, Ellis, Abel
    Jennifer - Jeffery
    Susan - Sullivan
    Margaret - Garret, Argus
    Dorothy - Dorian, Theodore
    Lisa - Hollis, Willis, Alistair
    Nancy - Cainan, Senan
    Karen - Keiran
    Betty - Barett, Benett
    Helen - Sheldon, Mitchell
    Sandra - Sanders, Alexander, Lysander
    Carol - Carl, Carlos
    Ruth - Luther
    Sharon - Aaron
    Michelle - Michael
    Laura - Laurence
    Sarah - Aramis, Abraham
    Kimberly - Albert, Bertram, Gilbert
    Deborah - Osborne
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