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    We cloth diaper. We didn't start until he was 6 months or so though. We use fitteds (mostly twinkie tush -pricey but they are awesome and so, so cute) and wool, pocket diapers (love bumgenius), as well as some Ai2s (various work at home mama businesses, usually found on hyenacart) -I am in a cloth diaper group and they are invaluable to learn about brands and everything fluff). We use flushable liners to make cleanup super easy. I love that we always have diapers at our house and it really hasn't been a hassle, just an extra couple of loads of laundry per week. -They do give the baby a giant tush though, which is pretty adorable and also makes pants a little tricky. If I can help anyone with info, please let me know!

    What do you like about pocket diapers compared to AI1's? I haven't had the opportunity to try everything out yet, just wondering if it is better to just buy AI1 over pockets? (aside from price, pockets seem to be much more affordable).

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