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    I use a diaper service. I give them the used ones and they bring me clean ones. No washing necessary! It took me about a week to really get the hang of it but I LOVE them. Such a big money saver! And much better for the environment.
    We only use disposables when she stays with other people, since they have such a hard time figuring them out haha.
    I believe most major cities have a diaper delivery service. Worth looking into!
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    We bought them and are going to use them at so point, but not quite yet cause baby's way too tiny! The nappies are almost as big as she is. Anyway, these are the ones we've bought: little lamb (link)
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    There are services here where you can rent cloth diapers for a trial period. They give you a variety of styles and brands from one store so that you can try them on your baby and decide what works best for you before you buy. I was given 2 dozen CDs but they are a brand that went out of business a few years ago (way before my LO was born), and I don't like them at all, so we found a (supposedly) environmentally friendly disposable alternative until I get around to buying other CDs. I'm not 100% sure I will though.

    I have 2 friends who swear by Bum Genius... Although, one of them had issues with the elastic wearing out after a year of use. She called the company and they sent replacements!
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    It really depends upon the person. The best advice is to try out one or two of the different styles you are interested in and go from there. There are places like Nicki's Diaper's that has packages that allows you to test out different systems.

    The most economical way to do it is with prefolds / flatfolds and covers, my son is out of diapers, but when we were potty training, even, we used prefolds overnight and it was great.

    I don't love the idea of pocket diapers, but I know that a lot of people do, I haven't had the opportunity to use them yet, but I do have several in my stash for next time so we shall see.

    I also love the idea of fleece or wool - I have experimented with fleece and I do like it! I have sewn a few of my own soakers (They look kind of like little fleece booty shorts) and you just put them over a flatfold/prefold. They allow a lot of airflow which you do not get with the PUL type diapers and covers. I like my PUL, but in warm weather and if you have a very rash prone baby, fleece is a good option.

    If you want to use cloth from birth, I would suggest ordering a newborn kit that you use and send back, I am pretty sure Nicki's Diapers and Cotton Babies has those - as others have stated, newborns go through a lot of diapers and cloth DOES require more frequent changes on top of that, so being able to basically just "borrow" will save you a lot of money unless you plan to buy and save them for the next child.

    As for prices, there are a lot of different options for all budgets - everything from buying a pack of pre-folds from walmart and making your own no-sew covers from fleece (I have made soakers and covers from a 5.00 fleece blanket from the dollar store) to spending 25.00+ each on custom made diapers. Amazon is a really good option for finding affordable options, and so is EBay. I also highly suggest going through the sale sections of Nicki's and Cotton Babies, Niki's has free shipping on a lot of items, which is nice. You can certainly get a stash of flatfolds / prefolds and covers for under 100.00 and it will last you quite a long time.

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    We cloth diaper. We didn't start until he was 6 months or so though. We use fitteds (mostly twinkie tush -pricey but they are awesome and so, so cute) and wool, pocket diapers (love bumgenius), as well as some Ai2s (various work at home mama businesses, usually found on hyenacart) -I am in a cloth diaper group and they are invaluable to learn about brands and everything fluff). We use flushable liners to make cleanup super easy. I love that we always have diapers at our house and it really hasn't been a hassle, just an extra couple of loads of laundry per week. -They do give the baby a giant tush though, which is pretty adorable and also makes pants a little tricky. If I can help anyone with info, please let me know!
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