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    Cormac, Malcolm, & Rory - too similar?

    Do you think these names are too similar to fit in a sibset together? I've had a few people tell me that Cormac and Malcolm are too close, though they don't have any syllables that are precisely the same - I'm guessing it's the 'c' and 'm' sounds that both share that puts them too close for comfort for some. Rory could conceivably - at a bit of a stretch - be a nickname for Cormac; does that rule them out as potential brothers? Would Rory be better off as Cormac's nickname? The more I look at this set, the more I like the idea them together - as brothers - but I am wary of the similar sounds, and I'd like to get some outside opinions.

    These names are also the only names my boyfriend and I truly like and agree on at the moment, so I'm definitely willing to hear suggestions, as well.
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    I can see Rory as a nickname for Cormac so I personally wouldn't use them as names for brothers, but if someone else did I wouldn't bat an eyelid. I can see the similarities in Cormac and Malcolm but don't think they're too close. Rory and Malcolm is perfectly fine.

    Anyway, if I have to pick YES, it's okay or NO, don't do it: then YES, it's okay.

    The only thing I noticed at first, actually, was how Scottish the sibset was! Not that it's a bad thing (though a bit odd if you have no Scottish heritage/other connections such as having studied or lived there). All lovely names btw.
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    I think they'd be just fine together. I can see why some people might see some similar sound qualities in Cormac and Malcolm, but I don't think they're close enough to really matter. And if don't give the nickname of Rory to Cormac, I don't think anyone else would (doesn't seem like a natural NN to me anyways), so I think both of those names are very useable together too. If your really worried though, you could sub in a name like Corbin for Cormac, which doesn't sound like Malcolm at all (and has no Rory NN).
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    I dont think they are too similar for brothers, similar..yes, but not overly so.

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    I like them together as a sibset. They have similar sounds but I think that's what makes them go together so nicely

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