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    Sansa is on my short list, as is Arya (I love this spelling much more than Aria). Theon is on my shortlist for boys.

    Otherwise, I love Tyrion, Renly, Talisa, and Bran.

    Daenerys is a guilty pleasure, but unlike the others, I couldn't see myself using this one ever.
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    I know one little Aria, inspired by Arya. They changed the Y to avoid any "Aryan" associations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stripedsocks View Post
    I don't know about you, but my immersion is not aided in the slightest by reading Catelyn vs. Caitlin. It doesn't look/sound exotic. And veering back and forth between kreative and not can be a little jarring too.

    It's also not hard to find actual obscure names with medieval use for when you want something that looks/sounds exotic.

    I agree a lot of fantasy writers do it but I consider it a genre crutch. The whole strength of Martin is he doesn't write stuff as hackneyed and cliched as the average pulp fantasy novel. Martin is better than a lot of them regardless of his affection for kreative names, admittedly, but "its common to the genre" is a pretty weak defense since some pretty sad crap gets churned out. If you're going to full-on invent names, go the way Tolkien did and have a whole internal logic/language to it, don't just barf up some y's.

    I agree I do like Bran (the name, as well as the character) though. I like Margaery's character but I don't know that I like the name any more than Margery/Marjorie.
    Yes, I would agree with most of this. It doesn't aid my immersion to read creatively spelled common names, and the fact that it's a common habit of the genre only makes me dislike it more.

    I would have preferred actual medieval names.

    However, my opinion is definitely colored by the fact that I didn't particularly enjoy the book. I found it poorly edited, ponderous, bloody, and vaguely pedophilial. The occasional interesting name (Bram, Arya) was actually a highlight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shvibziks View Post
    Jojen and Meera is a great pair of names, but I think I mainly feel that way because the Reeds are awesome.

    Actually, Selyse Baratheon (née Florent) is the wife of Stannis Baratheon. His daughter is named Shireen
    Ah yes! It's been awhile since I read the books and she is such a minor character.

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    I like that Martin took common names and bastardized them.
    They sound believable as medieval names to me. As if they were the origins of the names we use now. Eddard - Edward, Rickon - Richard, Stannis - Stanley, Joffrey - Jeffery (There is a street where I live called Joffre, so I think this is a legitimate last name), Samwell - Samuel, Lysa - Liza, etc

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