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    How do you pronounce this name?

    I am loving the name Orion right now but not sure which pronunciation is the best or the most common. Do you pronounce it Or-ee-un or O-Ryan like the constellation? I like the first pronunciation better but I'm afraid that everyone will say it like O-Ryan. What do you guys think? How do say this name?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mascha2 View Post
    O-Ryan like the constellation?
    This is how you say it.

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    If I don't think about it I say or-ee-on / or-ee-un, but I don't like this pronunciation so I do my very best to consciously say o-rie-un (like the constellation). I think O-rie-un sounds much nicer, as to which people would say first, I think it depends a) where you live, and b) the kind of people who are reading your child's name.
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    Oriole, like the bird, would be pronounced or-ee-uhl, which might be an option if you prefer that sound combination and like more unusual names.

    I would definitely pronounce Orion as the pp's have said Oh-Ryan
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    I pronounce it like O-ryan

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