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    What personality do these names evoke?

    After a purposeful absence of more than two months from baby name research (had before been intensively trying to come up with the 'perfect' boys name for our newborn (arriving this summer), kept narrowing down the list, only for it to expand again soon thereafter), I decided to start over once again from (almost) scratch. I re-looked at the huge name-list I had come up with with fresh eyes. I read each name aloud, let it simmer in my mind for a bit, then either scratched it or kept it around. Then I re-checked the meaning of each name (meaning is very important to me), scratched some more. And continued narrowing it down until I reached a fresh set of favorites. Some previous favorites were no longer nearly as high on the list, while others that I hadn't thought about too deeply before had risen up quite a bit. The two month break was pretty enlightening. I'd suggest it to anyone having naming difficulties that still has time to spare.

    Now, on to the names. These 16 names (in no particular order) are the newly refurbished possibilities list.
    I'd very much appreciate hearing your general feedback on these names, as well as the personality characteristics that these names bring up in your mind. The meaning of the name is in the ().

    Roland (renowned throughout the land)
    Nolan (champion)
    Everett (brave)
    Emmett (truth; universal)
    Emrys (immortal) (pronounced: em-riss)
    Evander (good man)
    Callum (dove)
    Kian (benevolent king; ancient) (note: we'd be using the Persian pronunciation = key-yawn. Which is also why we'd be using this spelling instead of Cian. Kian is a Persian name, whilst Cian is a Gaelic name)
    Caian (to rejoice) (pronounced: kye-un)(question: In your opinion, does Kian (key-yawn) and/or Caian (kye-un) sound too similar to our first son's name (Rayhan = ray-hahn)?)
    Amias (loved)
    Caius (to rejoice)
    Jasper (bringer of treasure; quartz)
    Bodhi (enlightenment)
    Conrad (brave counsel)
    Adib (scholar)
    Keenan/Cianan (ancient) (I generally prefer original spellings, but is Cianan too difficult to decipher the pronunciation?)

    Any and all thoughts and expressions are well appreciated! Thanks!
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    Welcome back! It's good to take a breather from names so you don't get overwhelmed with choices. Rayhan has a lot of exotic flair so I would choose something along those lines. I wish more fathers would get involved like you!

    More Unusual Choices

    Roland (renowned throughout the land) - if you don't mind the shared initial - Romantic yet strong.
    Emrys (immortal) - I like the sound of this Welsh name. A more softer boys choice.
    Evander (good man) - strong and masculine
    Amias (loved) - gentleman
    Caius (to rejoice) - majestic leader
    Jasper (bringer of treasure; quartz) - spunky and fun
    Conrad (brave counsel) - authoritative and bossy
    Adib (scholar) - Not my favourite but it goes with Rayhan. Bright and intelligent.

    Too bland/trendy with Rayhan

    Nolan (champion) - The only Nolan I know is a baseball player so I get a sporty, athletic vibe!
    Everett (brave) - sophisticated and upper class
    Emmett (truth; universal) - polite and gentlemanly
    Callum (dove) - I see the opposite of the meaning - a bit of a hellraiser!
    Bodhi (enlightenment) - beach baby and surfer dude

    Too similar with Rayhan

    Kian (benevolent king; ancient) - outdoorsy
    Caian (to rejoice) - see Kian
    Keenan/Cianan (ancient) - Cianan is Irish and is pronounced with "nawn" ending. See Kian. All four names seem interchangeable to me.
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    Roland - I can't get past the "roll", it is a nice sound and meaning
    Nolan - meh, it's okay, same as Conrad for me, just a tad dorky for my taste
    Everett - I like it! Love Rett
    Emmett - meh, I prefer Everett and Emrys
    Emrys - actually I really like this one! One of my favorites.
    Evander - I don't mind this one, I think it would go well with your set
    Callum - okay
    Kian - I do think this is too close to your son
    Caian - I don't think this is too close to your son, it's okay
    Amias - lovely, but looks very feminine
    Caius - I do this like. It's not a favorite, but it's nice.
    Jasper - lovely. I like this a lot.
    Bodhi - I just don't like the sound of this one--I just think bogey, body, boggy, boatie.
    Conrad - lovely meaning, but the name is a tad on the dorky side for me
    Adib - sounds very ethnic, like his mn would be Muhammed
    Keenan/Cianan - I like the sound and the meaning, but as a name it looks a tad cheap

    My favorites are Emrys, Everett, Jasper, Caius, and evander.
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    Roland - One of my favourites, I feel like it should get more attention than it does. Has a noble, gently old-fashioned feel to it.
    Nolan - I don't mind it, but I much prefer Roland. Feels a bit limp and bland, maybe.
    Everett - I've never really warmed to this, despite it being a NB favourite. It has too much of a trendy surname-y feel to me.
    Emmett - Similar to Everett, although I probably prefer Emmett slightly.
    Emrys - Love it, my favourite of your list. The meaning, the mythology, the sound - just a really awesome name.
    Evander - This is great, too. Feels adventurous.
    Callum - This is very popular/trendy where I am, so it lacks any sparkle.
    Kian - Probably too similar to your son's name, and pronunciation could be an issue.
    Caian - Prefer this to Kian but it is still probably too close to Rayhan. Maybe not a deal-breaker, though.
    Amias - Lovely and warm but not my favourite next to Rayhan.
    Caius - Strong name, I like it better than Caian, especially with your son's name. Actually, it works really well with Rayhan.
    Jasper - Fun and vintage, but very different feel to a lot of your other choices.
    Bodhi - Really like this, even though it does have a bit of a beach-y feel.
    Conrad - Slightly stuffy and buttoned up next to your other names.
    Adib - Works nicely with Rayhan but I think others might be more versatile.
    Keenan/Cianan - I would probably go with Keenan for ease. Love the meaning but a bit close to Rayhan with two -an endings.

    My favourites:
    Roland: A well-mannered, amiable young man who writes poetry.
    Emrys: A quiet, intelligent boy who adores nature.
    Evander - A rough-and-tumble sort of boy, sporty and quite academic.
    Caius - A talented musician, thoughtful but reticent.
    Bodhi - An outgoing, popular, athletic young man. Okay, okay, he's probably a surfer.
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    Yay, you're back! Love the list, with one or two exceptions...

    Roland (renowned throughout the land) – My favourite of your list. Roland is quirky romantic, well read and possibly a horseman.
    Nolan (champion) - Intense, a bit depressing, but kind and lovely.
    Everett (brave) – I imagine a fierce and bold huntsman. Very sexy and sassy.
    Emmett (truth; universal) – A mama’s boy, blonde curls and lace shirt. Kind of a whimp with a bee in his bonnet.
    Emrys (immortal) (pronounced: em-riss) – Weird, artistic, a little intimidating and scary.
    Evander (good man) – Charming, spirited, wild at heart.
    Callum (dove) – Serious, intelligent, maybe a musician.
    Kian (benevolent king; ancient) – Kind, sweet and understanding.
    Caian (to rejoice) - Happy, energetic and passionate.
    Amias (loved) – Beautiful, calm and sweet. Someone who brings his teddy and dummy wherever he goes.
    Caius (to rejoice) – see Caian.
    Jasper (bringer of treasure; quartz) – Smart, quirky, flamboyant. Definitely a bike and scarf thrown around his neck kind of guy.
    Bodhi (enlightenment) – Someone who’s full of himself and tries to be different just to be different.
    Conrad (brave counsel) – Intelligent, and has a twinkle in his eye. A bit naughty
    Adib (scholar) – Same as Conrad.
    Keenan/Cianan (ancient) - Honest, kind, the kind of man women realizes they should be with when they hit 35.

    My favourites: Roland, Everett, Amias, Jasper, Conrad, Evander, Caian/Caius, Emrys.
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