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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    Start a new thread you mean? It would be a little bubble in the top left corner when you enter one of the sub forums.
    Wait, what? Sorry, a confused non-techie here.
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    Okay, you go into the forum right? In the top left corner, under the ads, under the greyish line where it says "new posts" there's a teeny tiny little house. Under that teeny tiny little house there should be a green bubble that says "post new thread". Hit that one, and there you go!
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    The sub forums are the different categories of topics. Girl Names, Boy Names, Baby Names, Momberries etc. When you click in one of those go to the top left. It says start a new thread. Click that.

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    Must have posted at the same time as ottilie. Hope you figured it out.

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    To take it one step further for anyone who's interested, you can quote multiple people by clicking reply with quote, then selecting the text that pops up, and copying it. Then click reply with quote to the second person who want to quote, and paste the text you copied about the first quote.

    You can also type your own code pretty easily:
    [QUOTE=username then close with another in the other direction ]
    then copy and paste their post
    then [/QUOTE and another ]

    Quote Originally Posted by KALA_WAY
    this kind of code is super easy to do and there's a lot you can do with it in terms of pictures and such. There's a lot of easy tutorials online about it.
    This forum seems to be a lot stricter about what it allows though, so don't be discouraged if some things don't work.
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