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    Year 1: You adopt twin girls from America both initials are AS. How old are they? What are their names?
    Arabella Selene & Anastasia Scarlett

    Year 2: Miscarriage

    Year 3: Twin B/G
    Carter Fredrick & Melissa Dawn

    Year 4: Your family relocates to America. What city in what state do you move to?

    Year 5: You get a tattoo! What is it and where is it on your body?
    A tiny rose on my left hip.

    Year 6: Single Girl
    London Ava

    Year 7: Single Girl
    Amelia Kate

    Year 8: DH niece is only 17 and falls pregnant you take them in. What is there names?
    Hannah Merle & Holden James

    Year 9: You buy a cat. What gender? Breed? Name?
    A dark grey male ragdoll kitten we name; Smoke

    Year 10: Your Choice; We go on a family holiday to Rome

    Year 11: You are a guest star on a talk show! What did you do to be featured on the show? What show is it?
    The show is a reality show and I am there talking about how to raise children, especially more than one.

    Year 12: B/B Twins
    Sebastian Leo & Alexander Jay

    Year 13: Your Choice; We renovate the house, adding more bedrooms

    Year 14: You get a tattoo! What is it and where is it on your body?
    I get the word ‘love’ across my right wrist in a fancy font

    Year 15: DH’s sister dies and leaves you her son. How old is he? What is his name?
    Damian Asher is 16

    Our Family:
    Me: Natasha Violet
    DH: Oliver Hamilton
    Damian Asher – 16
    Arabella - 15
    Anastasia – 15
    Carter - 13
    Melissa -13
    London - 10
    Amelia – 9
    Hannah Merle - 24
    Holden James – 8
    Sebastian - 3
    Alexander – 3
    Smoke - 6
    Second year Uni student; Speech and Language Pathology

    Melody, Briar, Arabella, Tempest, Zoey, London, Zara, Peyton, Sadie, Rani, Liora, Jordan, Kallie, Xia, Poet, Wren, Quinn
    Lachlan, Ryan, Oliver, Benjamin, Jai, Claude, Carter, Asher, Rhys, Levi, Leo, Joey, Harper, Damien, Sebastian, Jasper, Jace

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    Year 1: LE: You adopt a girl from China her initials are MK. How old is he? What's her name? Marra Kate-2yrs
    Year 2: LE:
    You adopt a girl from China her initials are MK. How old is he? What's her name? Mei Kinsley-6yrs
    Year 3:
    LE: You and DH go on hoilday together. Where to? Australia
    Year 4: Baby Boy: Sutton James
    Year 5:
    LE: You adopt twin boys from Ireland both initials are BP. How old are they? What's there names? Becan Phineas /Blaine Parker-3yrs
    Year 6:
    LE: Your friends child gets put into care you adopt her. How old is she? What's her name? Bree Maelyn-7yrs
    Year 7:
    LE: You buy a dog. What gender? Breed? Name? Golden Retriever-Donatello
    Year 8:
    LE: You and DH go on hoilday together. Where to? Hawaii
    Year 9:
    LE: You adopt twin B/G from your own country initials are FC and CF. How old are they? Names? Finola Campbell/Chandler Finn-6mos
    Year 10: Baby
    Twin Girls: Esme Willow/Suri Harlow
    Year 11:
    LE: You are a guest star on a talk show! What did you do? What show is it? Conan O'Brien-Reviewing my world famous brownies.
    Year 12:
    Baby Twin Boys: Dean Thomas/Max Spencer
    Year 13:
    LE: You and your family go on hoilday. Where to? All Disney Worlds and Disney Lands!!!
    Year 14:
    Baby Twin B/G: Boden Ford/Genevieve Farrah
    Year 15:
    LE: You and the family move. How many bedrooms? Where to? San Antonio, Texas- 8 Bedrooms
    Lily Elizabeth/Chase Steven/Zack Francis/Drew Daniel

    Girls: Isla~Kendall~Maeve~Henley~Harlow~Neva~Reau~Sloane~ Bristol~

    Boys: Knox~Gavin~Finn~Hayes~Theo~Miles~Kai~Sawyer~Bodhi~

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    Me: Katerina Victoria {Hames}
    Hubby: Uriah Roland Grander

    Year1: Twins! Tobias Henry and Rose Mary.
    Year2: We relocate to Eureka, California, USA.
    Year3: We take a family holiday back to England to visit family.
    Year4: We adopt a 12month old boy from Africa, we name him George Dakarai.
    Year5: We rescue a puppy German Shepherd and the kids call him Sonny.
    Year6: The kids want a playmate for Sonny, we oblige with the adoption of one year old German Shepherd cross Posey.
    Year7: More twins join the family! Identical boys we name Sebastian Keith and Jeremy Andrew.
    Year8: I open up a bookstore and name it Paper Hearts.
    Year9: I'm on TV! It's no big deal, I guest speak on morning CNN about the hardships of being self-employed whilst raising a family.
    Year10: We're blessed once again with identical twin boys! Arthur Quinn and Albert Dane join the family.
    Year11: A friend of the family's child gets put into care so Uriah and I decide to adopt her. Her name is Addison Riley and she is four years old.
    Year12: Uriah and I decide it's time to move into a bigger house so move further out into the countryside to a house with six bedrooms, four bathrooms and two acres of garden for the kids and dogs to play in.
    Year13: We take the children on holiday to Ireland.
    Year14: Once again we welcome twins, one boy and one girl that we name Phoenix Herbert and Margot Nicola.
    Year15: Paper Hearts was more successful that I would have thought, I decide to open a second one in the next town over.

    The Grander Family =
    Kate (36) and Uriah (35) with: Tobias (15), Rose (15), George (13), Seb (9), Jem (9), Addie (9), Arthur (6), Alby (6), Phoenix (1), Margot (1); Sonny (11) and Posey (11)!
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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    Me, Amber Nicole Sampson, and the love of my life, Christian Michael Bullock marry at the tender age of 19; these are our first 15 years of married life:

    Year1: Chris and I welcome our first child into the world. A gorgeous girl with brown hair and hazel eyes, weighing 7lb 6oz, we name her Rose Addison Mary.

    Year2: Just five months after Rose's birth I become pregnant again. Our second daughter is born with chestnut hair and hazel eyes, weighing 8lb 2oz, we name her Natasha Nicola Scout.

    Year3: We adopt a three month old girl from China with the name Mei Kun, we decide to change the spelling slightly to Mai for pronunciation reasons and give her a second middle name; Caroline.

    Year4: We buy two tortoise for our girls to look after, they are named Slow and Poke.

    Year5: Oh my goodness! We win the lottery! £5.9million! Chris and I agree to buy a large beautiful house in the Cornish countryside, it has 7 bedrooms, five bathrooms, four living rooms and a large kitchen diner, it also comes with 6 acres of land and room for ponies. We hire people to do it up in a modern style for us while we take the girls away on a Caribbean cruise.

    Year6: We are delighted to welcome twins; another girl and our first son! Lucia Anna Skye is born with brown hair and green eyes at 6lb 3oz while Tobias Eugene Henry has chestnut hair and grey eyes weighing 5lb 12oz.

    Year7: For the twins' first birthday we take everybody on a two week holiday to Disney, Orlando.

    Year8: I have always wanted to go to Australia, and we have the money to, so away we go for four whole weeks!

    Year9: We are graced with a beautiful red headed baby girl! She has brown eyes and came out weighing 8lb 4oz, we name her Brooke Antonia Eve.

    Year10: Chris's 17 year old niece Rebekah Angel falls accidently pregnant and we take her in when her family turn their backs on her. Her son is a welcome addition to our family and it doesn't take long for our children to fall in love with the blonde haired blue eyed cutie. He weighed 6lb 7oz and was named Beckett Weston.

    Year11: Beckett is just so cute, I yearn for another baby, and lo and behold we welcome identical twin boys! Both sprouting masses of brown hair with green eyes, they weighed 5lb 7oz and we named them Sebastian Vincent Keith and Jeremy Roman James.

    Year12: We decide it's high time that Mai sees some of her birth country so take the whole to China and immerse ourselves in their culture for three weeks.

    Year13: Mai and the whole family enjoyed China so much that we go again, this time stopping at a panda sanctuary for two weeks.

    Year14: Holiday time again! This time we decide to visit Canada and take to the ski slopes for ten weeks.

    Year15: They were a bit of a surprise, but a welcome one, fraternal twin girls make an appearance on Boxing Day and I vow they are my last children. Margot Barbara Snow is born with chestnut hair and hazel eyes weighing 5lb 9oz while her sister Edith Vivienne Star is born with brown hair and brown eyes weighting 5lb 12oz.

    ~~The Bullock Family =
    Amber (33) and Christian (33) with: Rose (14), Tasha (13), Mai (12), Tobias (9), Brooke (6), Seb (4), Jem (4), Margot (nb), Edie (nb); Bex (22) with Beckett (5); Slow (11) and Poke (11).
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    Missus: Mary Francesca {Boddin}
    Hubby: Daniel Luke Johnston

    YR1: Mary and Dan go into business with Dan's brother Rob and open a bar in the party district of the nearby city. They name it The Magic Potion.

    YR2: Mary and Dan go on holiday to Ibiza for seven days.

    YR3: Conceived in Ibiza last year, Mary and Dan welcome their first children; twin girls called Rose Mary and Kate Ellie.

    YR4: Dan convinces Mary to adopt a dog for the girls to grow up with, they pick a scraggy looking rescue mutt which Dan named Buddy.

    YR5: Mary and Dan take the girls on holiday to the South of France.

    YR6: Mary and Dan welcome their first son, they name him Tobias Henry.

    YR7: Mary and Dan look into international adoption and find three year old twin girls in America that they fall in love with. The girls' names are Amber Scout and Alyssa Skye.

    YR8: Dan buys an aquarium and five fish, one child names a fish each and so they end up with; Gill, Rain, Rish, Ob and Bob.

    YR9: Mary's friend since childhood has her little girl put into care and Mary and Dan decide to adopt her. The girl is two years old and is called Kacey Winter.

    YR10: The whole family go on holiday to Ireland.

    YR11: While in Ireland last year Mary and Dan visited an orphanage and it is from that same orphanage that they bring home four year old twin boys Braden Peighton and Brenan Presley.

    YR12: Mary gets a tattoo of a mother holding a bundle.

    YR13: Mary gets another tattoo - is this the start of a midlife crisis? - this one's of a rose poking it's house out through a bunch of thorns.

    YR14: Dan and Mary are contacted by an American adoption agency to home eight year old twin girls. Of course they agree and soon Alexandra Snow and Antonia Song are joining the family.

    YR15: Lexie and Anty have older sisters that Mary and Dan knew nothing about, they are eleven years old and quickly Addison Summer and Anya Sabrina are flying to their new home.

    ~~The Johnston Family =
    Mary (42) and Dan (45) with: Rose (11), Kate (11), Tobias (8), Amber (11), Lyssie (11), Kacey (8), Braden (8), Bren (8), Lexie (9), Anty (9), Addi (11), Anya (11); and Buddy (10)!
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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