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    Edmund James + Gemma Elizabeth Faulkner

    YEAR1 - We go on a holiday! Ed and I spend two months (!!) in Greece, Italy, Spain, and Portugal

    YEAR2 - Twins! Nathaniel Sawyer and Josephine Willa join our family and fill our world with joy.

    YEAR3 - We go on another holiday. This time we rent a house on the Washington State coast for a week.

    YEAR4 - We make friends with a teenage girl who is pregnant. She puts the baby up for adoption and as soon as she is born, we adopt her. We name her Julianna Love.

    YEAR5 - Ed goed into business with his brother, Charlie, and they open a coffee shop together. It is located in Manhattan, just a few blocks from where we live. It is an instant hotspot for the community.

    YEAR6 - Henry Josiah and Walter Philip join our now very large family. We get many strange looks on the streets of Manhattan, but we don't care, because we love our family.

    YEAR7- Edmund's niece Roxy Faulkner is only 17 when she falls pregnant. The baby's dad was never really in her life to begin with and her parents want nothing to do with her, so together with Ed's brother Charlie and his wife Emma, we set up a flat for her and her baby boy, Keaton Leo.

    YEAR8 - Colin Miles is the newest little Faulkner.

    YEAR9 - We learn of a young mother who is about to give birth to twins. She is putting them up for adoption and after meeting our family, she knows that her babies will find a safe and loving family with us. We name them Nigel Francis and Adelaide Grace.

    YEAR10 - Even though we already have 7 children (living in Manhattan, that is HUGE), we decide to adopt a little girl from China. She is beautiful. We name her Margaret Kun.

    YEAR11 - Our (very large) family moves into a larger townhouse in a more family friendly part of Manhattan closer to the older children's school. It is a beautiful home with a decent backyard and plenty of room for us all. It is also very close to a beautiful park that we spend a lot of time at.

    YEAR12 - Ed and I are the guest stars on Good Morning America. We are asked to share about adoption and the distress of the foster care system in America.

    YEAR13 - We adopt another set of twins. Finlay Charles and Caroline Francesca. They are 2 years old.

    YEAR14 - Edmund is promoted at his job! (He is a lawyer.)

    YEAR15 - Along with a few friends, I set out on an adventure and open up a children's clothing store.

    Wow. What a ride.

    We are:
    Ed & Gemma, Nathaniel 14, Josephine 14, Julianna 12, Henry 10, Walter 10, Colin 8, Nigel 7, Adelaide 7, Margaret 6, Finlay 5, Caroline 5.
    We also jointly own a coffee shop and a clothing store.
    Roxy (Ed's niece) married a great man, Jon Garrison, and he has officially adopted her son, Keaton (8). They have two other children, Amadeus Jonathan (5) and Evangeline Olivia (3).
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    Autumn Dawn Smith and Scott Robert Smith have been dating for 5 years and married for 1.

    {Year One} You win the lottery! How much did you win. We won 1.3 million! We bought a six bedroom and 4 bathroom house. A hoilday to Jamaica and put the remaining money in the bank.
    {Year Two} You buy 2 tortoise. What gender? Name? Both boys Luck and Buck
    {Year Three} Single Girl- Kiera Blaire Smith
    {YearFour} Your friends child gets put into care you decide to adopt her. She is called Maya Reese Taylor 2.
    {Year Five} You buy a dog. What gender? Breed? Name? It's a Shiz Thu and we call him Roo.
    {Year Six} You and DH go on hoilday together. Where to? We leave the kids with my mum for the weekdays and his mum and the weekend. We got to Fiji.
    {Year Seven} You open a clothing store with your two best friends. What kind of clothing do you sell? What is the store called? We all have children so make it into a children's clothes shop. It is called Dolls.
    {Year Eight} Single Girl- Georgia Rosebud Smith
    {Year Nine} You buy a dog. What gender? Breed? Name? We get another Shiz Thu and we call him Bear.
    {Year Ten} Twin B/G- Oakley Scott and Aria Violet Smith
    {Year Eleven}. You buy 2 tortoise. What gender? Name? Both girls Coco and Bongo
    {Year Twelth} You and DH open a restaurant. What do you call it? What kind of restaurant with what kind of food. We call it Spoons. It a restaurant dedicated to ice cream and spaghetti!
    {Year Thirteen} Twin B/G- Blake Maximilian and Cali Grace Smith
    {Year Fourteen} You adopt twin B/G from your own country initials are FC and CF. How old are they? Whats ther names? Flynn Charles and Coleen Francesca 2
    {Year Fifteen} You and the family move house. How many bedrooms? Where to? we move to a seven bedroom house in Scotland

    DD: Maya Reese Smith 13 (Own bedroom )
    DD: Kiera Blaire Smith 12 (Own bedroom)
    DD: Georgia Rosebud Smith 7 (Shares with Aria)
    DS: Oakley Scott Smith 5 (Owen bedroom)
    DD: Aria Violet Smith 5 (Shares with Georgia)
    DS: Flynn Charles Smith 3 (shares with Blake)
    DD: Coleen Francesca Smith 3 (Shares with Cali)
    DS: Blake Maximillian Smith 2 (Shares with Flynn)
    DD: Cali Grace Smith 2 (Shares with Coleen)
    |Arlo Benjamin |Caleb August |Ezra Scott |Jacob Harrison |Jude Apollo |Lincoln River |Myles Hunter |Seth Gideon |Watson Christopher
    |Audrey Pearl |Calla Louise |Celeste Adora |Delilah Posey |Lydia Katherine |Mila Selene |Saskia Willow |Selah Elise |Stella Elizabeth |

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    New England, USA
    1999. You buy a horse. What gender? Breed? Name? A male Clydesdale named Rocky.

    2000. Twin boys- Griffin Matthew nn Finn & Leo Harrison

    2001. You and DH go on hoilday together. Where to? A week in Paris.

    2002. Your friends child gets put into care you adopt her.*How*old is she? What's her name? She is 7, her name is Aria June.

    2003. B/G twins- Tobias Luke nn Toby & Violet Rebekah

    2004. You and DH open a restaurant. What do you call it? What kind of restaurant with what kind of food? It's a bar and steakhouse called Puzzles.

    2005. You adopt a boy from*Africa*his initials are GD.*How*old is he? What's his name? Garrett Duke age 4.

    2006. Twin girls- Rosalie Iris nn Rosie & Elena Eloise

    2007. You and DH go into business with your brother-in-law and open a bar together. Where is it located? What do you call it?
    A larger bar is opened in Boston called Puzzling.

    2008. DH niece is only 17 and falls pregnant you take them in. What is there names? Her name is Emily Ray, her son's name is Logan shepherd.

    2009. Twin boys- Jack Atticus & Archer Bryce

    2010. You buy a dog. What gender? Breed? Name? Female husky named Grace.

    2011. You are a guest star on a talk show! What did you do to be featured on the show? What show is it? I wrote a book about family and the restaurant business and winded up on Ellen.

    2012. Twin boys- Sawyer Samuel & Landon Cade

    2013. You and your family go on hoilday. Where to? Disneyworld.

    Emily (22), Aria (18), Finn (13), Leo (13), Garrett (12), Toby (10), Violet (10), Rosie (7), Elena (7), Logan (5), Jack (4), Archer (4), Sawyer (1), and Landon (1).
    Future Little Ones
    Lydia Violet, Rosalie Elsa, Cora Penelope, Amelia Isobel
    Finn Matthew, Henry Johnston, Troy Oliver, Archer Bryce

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    1998: Life: Move from England to America; Grand Rapids, Michigan.
    1999: Life: Buy a new car; Ford Explorer.
    2000: Baby: Have a son named Matthew Robert.
    2001: Life: The family and I move from Grand Rapids to Kalamazoo, into a 5 bedroom farm house.
    2002: Life: I get the infinity symbol tattooed on my right shoulder.
    2003: Baby: Have twin girls named Catherine Elizabeth and Savannah Nicole.
    2004: Life: We buy a female border collie that we name Maisie.
    2005: Life: The family and I go on vacation to North Carolina.
    2006: Baby: Miscarriage.
    2007: Baby: Have twin boys named Samuel Edward and Andrew Michael.
    2008: Life: We buy another female border collie that we name Stella.
    2009: Life: DH niece is only 17 and falls pregnant and has nowhere to go so we take them in. Their names are Megan Blair and Noelle Quinn.
    2010: Baby: Have a daughter named Meredith Jo-Hanna.
    2011: Life: I get my children's names tattooed on my left ribs.
    2012: Baby: Miscarriage.
    2013: Life: We adopt a 3 year old boy from Africa, named Gabriel Davin

    LN: Young

    DH: James Lennon
    DW: Diana Kathleen

    DN: Megan Blair {B. November 29, 1991; 21}
    DS: Matthew Robert {B. May 15, 2000; 13}
    DD/DD: Catherine Elizabeth & Savannah Nicole {B. August 21, 2003; 10}
    DS/DS: Samuel Edward & Andrew Michael {B. September 19, 2007; 6}
    DN: Noelle Quinn {B. June 2, 2009; 4}
    DAS: Gabriel Davin {B. May 5, 2010; 3}
    DD: Meredith Jo-Hanna {B. July 5, 2010; 3}

    James & Diana Young.
    Megan, Matty, Cat, Savvy, Sam, Drew, Noelle, Gabe, & Meri.
    Maisie & Stella.

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    • Year 1: Boy/girl twins – Elliot Christopher and Phoebe Josephine
    • Year 2: Life experience – I get a tattoo on my ankle of my zodiac sign (Scorpio)
    • Year 3: Life experience – New car – black Subaru legacy
    • Year 4: Twin girls – Sophie Noelle and Rosalie June
    • Year 5: Life experience – Buy a boxer puppy – Beau
    • Year 6: Life experience – Buy a horse – Pepper
    • Year 7: Life experience – Family goes on vacation to Ireland
    • Year 8: Single boy – Henry Gideon
    • Year 9: Life experience – Husband and I go on holiday to Cape Cod
    • Year 10: Single girl – Tabitha Bryn
    • Year 11: Life experience – Adopt newborn boy/girl twins from teen mother here in the US – Flynn Calhoun and Coraline Faith
    • Year 12: Buy a ginger tabby cat – Winston
    • Year 13: Life experience – Family goes on vacation to Australia
    • Year 14: Single boy – Silas Colton
    • Year 15: Buy an Irish wolfhound – Darby

    Kids: Elliot, Phoebe, Sophie, Rosalie, Henry, Tabitha, Flynn, Coraline, and Silas
    Pets: Beau, Pepper, Winston, and Darby
    Gideon ~ Ezekiel ~ Abel ~ Emmett ~ Declan ~ Silas ~ Ezra ~ Flynn ~ Jasper ~ Elliot
    Maisie ~ Willa ~ Naomi ~ Vivienne ~ Evangeline ~ Gemma ~ Amaryllis ~ Lux ~ Remi ~ Sophie
    Shiloh ~ River ~ Sage ~ Rowan

    Name Crush of the Moment: Oona

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