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    Edmund James + Gemma Elizabeth Faulkner

    YEAR1 - We go on a holiday! Ed and I spend two months (!!) in Greece, Italy, Spain, and Portugal

    YEAR2 - Twins! Nathaniel Sawyer and Josephine Willa join our family and fill our world with joy.

    YEAR3 - We go on another holiday. This time we rent a house on the Washington State coast for a week.

    YEAR4 - We make friends with a teenage girl who is pregnant. She puts the baby up for adoption and as soon as she is born, we adopt her. We name her Julianna Love.

    YEAR5 - Ed goed into business with his brother, Charlie, and they open a coffee shop together. It is located in Manhattan, just a few blocks from where we live. It is an instant hotspot for the community.

    YEAR6 - Henry Josiah and Walter Philip join our now very large family. We get many strange looks on the streets of Manhattan, but we don't care, because we love our family.

    YEAR7- Edmund's niece Roxy Faulkner is only 17 when she falls pregnant. The baby's dad was never really in her life to begin with and her parents want nothing to do with her, so together with Ed's brother Charlie and his wife Emma, we set up a flat for her and her baby boy, Keaton Leo.

    YEAR8 - Colin Miles is the newest little Faulkner.

    YEAR9 - We learn of a young mother who is about to give birth to twins. She is putting them up for adoption and after meeting our family, she knows that her babies will find a safe and loving family with us. We name them Nigel Francis and Adelaide Grace.

    YEAR10 - Even though we already have 7 children (living in Manhattan, that is HUGE), we decide to adopt a little girl from China. She is beautiful. We name her Margaret Kun.

    YEAR11 - Our (very large) family moves into a larger townhouse in a more family friendly part of Manhattan closer to the older children's school. It is a beautiful home with a decent backyard and plenty of room for us all. It is also very close to a beautiful park that we spend a lot of time at.

    YEAR12 - Ed and I are the guest stars on Good Morning America. We are asked to share about adoption and the distress of the foster care system in America.

    YEAR13 - We adopt another set of twins. Finlay Charles and Caroline Francesca. They are 2 years old.

    YEAR14 - Edmund is promoted at his job! (He is a lawyer.)

    YEAR15 - Along with a few friends, I set out on an adventure and open up a children's clothing store.

    Wow. What a ride.

    We are:
    Ed & Gemma, Nathaniel 14, Josephine 14, Julianna 12, Henry 10, Walter 10, Colin 8, Nigel 7, Adelaide 7, Margaret 6, Finlay 5, Caroline 5.
    We also jointly own a coffee shop and a clothing store.
    Roxy (Ed's niece) married a great man, Jon Garrison, and he has officially adopted her son, Keaton (8). They have two other children, Amadeus Jonathan (5) and Evangeline Olivia (3).
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