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    DH: Benjamin Davis Torrence 23
    ME: Cassandra Barbara Torrence 24

    Year One: Ben's sister dies and leaves you her three year old son. Landon Davis Torrence.
    Year Two: You open a clothing store with your two best friends, Rachel Nicole and Melissa Adrian. The store is called Chickie's Retail. We sell sandals, sun glasses, key chains, shorts, sweatshirts, and snow globes.
    Year Three: Ben and I have a baby, in fact two, beautiful boys, Colton Aiden and Kody Aaron
    Year Four: I get a tattoo on my wrist of a heart and infinity sign
    Year Five: We are blessed with two beautiful twin girls! Acadia Nicole and Elyza Cassandra
    Year Six: I get another tattoo this time on my thigh of a quote.
    Year Seven: We FINALLY hit the lotto and win 25 million dollars!
    Year Eight: We find out that we are having a baby, but we miscarry. Our little angel Payton
    Year Nine: Ben and I take a holiday to Germany alone.
    Year Ten: We are blessed again with twin girls! Jaydyn Amari and Kathryn Johna
    Year Eleven: We buy two tortoises Lily and Stan.
    Year Twelve: We buy a pom pom puppy, Saydie (f)
    Year Thirteen: We adopt a six year old girl from China Madaline Kiara
    Year Fourteen: We relocate to Baltimore Maryland
    Year Fifteen: We complete our family with a baby boy Dallas Tyrone

    DH: Benjamin Davis Torrence (38) "Ben"
    ME: Cassandra Barbara Torrence (39)
    God son: Landon Davis Torrence (18) *headed to college soon*
    DS: Colton Aiden Torrence (12) "Colt"
    DS: Kody Aaron Torrence (12)
    DD: Acadia Nicole Torrence (10)
    DD: Elyza Cassandra Torrence (10)
    DD: Madaline Kiara Torrence (9)
    DD: Jaydyn Amari Torrence (5)
    DD: Kathryn Johna Torrence (5) "Katie"
    DS: Dallas Tyrone Torrence (nb) "Dale"
    Our Angel Payton
    Lily and Stan our Tortoises
    Saydie our Pom Pom

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    DH: Colton Mayer Reid (23)
    ME: Chloe Millicent Reid (22)

    {2013} Me and DH decide to go into business with his brother. We open the bar in the west end, we call it Vengous.

    {2014} Me and DH decide to go on hoilday to Fiji.

    {2015} Sadly, DH sister dies and leaves us her son. Marcus Finbar Reid (7)

    {2016} To cheer Marcus up we but 5 fish. He names them after his favourite program SpongeBob. SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, Squidward and Plankton.

    {2017} We decide to move house and buy a 4 bedroom apartment.

    {2018} We decide it's time to have children and I end up pregnant. 9 months later I give birth to a baby girl. Ariana Grace Reid

    {2019} We buy a new car a White Range Rover.

    {2020} I'm a guest on a talk show about how to run a business and raise kids.

    {2021} My friend Sasha, has to put her daughter into car. I decide to adopt her. Courtney Rebecca (4)

    {2022} We decide to have another child and 9 months later. I have a baby girl Imogen June Reid.

    {2023} We realise our days of having children are running out. We both want a boy so we try and... Twin boys!
    Jude Mitchell and Jonah Morison.

    {2024} We buy 2 tortoise. Blaze and Skull.

    {2025} I open a baby clothes shop for single mums called Penny.

    {2026} We decide to take all the kids to DisneyLand Florida

    {2027} We try one more time for a baby and get a baby girl. Charlotte Rose Reid

    My Family

    DH: Colton Mayer Reid (36)
    ME: Chloe Millicent Reid (35)

    DN: Marcus Finbar Reid (19)
    DD: Ariana Grace Reid (10)
    DAD: Courtney Rebecca Reid (10)
    DD: Imogen June Reid (5)
    DS: Jude Mitchell Reid (4)
    DS: Jonah Morison Reid (4)
    DD: Charlotte Rose Reid (NB)
    |Arlo Benjamin |Caleb August |Ezra Scott |Jacob Harrison |Jude Apollo |Lincoln River |Myles Hunter |Seth Gideon |Watson Christopher
    |Audrey Pearl |Calla Louise |Celeste Adora |Delilah Posey |Lydia Katherine |Mila Selene |Saskia Willow |Selah Elise |Stella Elizabeth |

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    Ft. Myers
    DH: Michael "Mike" Allen Foster
    DW: Brianna Marie Foster (nee Campbell)
    Married in 2017 when I'm 23 and Mike is 30.

    Year 1: 2018
    (6/6) We go on vacation to Italy.

    Year 2: 2019
    (3) We have twins, a girl and a boy. We name them Lucy Marie Foster and Wyatt Allen Foster.

    Year 3: 2020
    (2/5) We adopt 3 year old twins from America. One is a boy, one is a girl and their names are Cooper Flynn Foster and Fiona Catherine Foster.

    Year 4: 2021
    (3/6) We adopt a puppy and a kitten. We get a male orange tabby and name him Oliver and a male beagle and name him Charlie.

    Year 5: 2022
    (1/1) Mike's parents watch the kids while him and I go on vacation to California.

    Year 6: 2023
    (3) We have another set of boy/girl twins. We name them Sebastian Ryan Foster and Aurora "Rory" Madison Foster.

    Year 7: 2024
    (1/3) We buy a new family car, a KIA Sorento.

    Year 8: 2025
    (6/6) We take the kids to Florida for a vacation to Disney World.

    Year 9: 2026
    (1/3) We buy a new car/truck for Mike, a Ford F-150.

    Year 10: 2027
    (1/1) Mike and I take another vacation, just the two of us, for our 10th year anniversary. We go to France.

    Year 11: 2028
    (3) We have another set of twins and once again it's a boy and a girl. We name them Noah Patrick Foster and Gemma Louise Foster.

    Year 12: 2029
    (1/2) We won the lottery and got $300,000

    Year 13: 2030
    (3/6) We adopt another dog. This time we get a male dalmatian and we name him Parker.

    Year 14: 2031
    (3) Thinking we'd have one last child, we end up with girl/boy twins again. We name them Piper Abigail Foster and Elliot Joseph Foster.

    Year 15: 2032
    (5/3) Mike and I open up an Italian Restaurant and we name it La Toscana Dodici

    Mike [45] and Brianna [38]
    Cooper and Fiona [15]
    Lucy and Wyatt [13]
    Sebastian and Rory [7]
    Noah and Gemma [4]
    Piper and Elliot [1]
    and our pets, Oliver, Charlie, and Parker.
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    You, Greta Eliana Gardner and your newlywed husband, Vincent Valentino Gardner have just moved into a luxury apartment in Portland, Oregon.

    YR #1: You adopt a girl from China. She is four years old and the cutest little girl you've ever seen. Her name is Mei Katrina.
    YR #2: You open a clothing store with your two best friends. You sell fair-trade children's clothing for around the world. The store is called International Ivy.
    YR #3: Your friend's child gets put into care you adopt her. She is seven years old, and Mei has taken a liking to her. Her name is Livia "Livi" Pearl. Meanwhile, Mei is starting school. You decide to send her to Portland Montessori Academy, a charter school in your area. Livi attends there as well.
    YR #4: Marie Dawson, a good friend from college, is interested in franchising International Ivy. She lives in Pasadena, California, with her husband and her son, Marshall. You take her up on her offer. You're been working very hard on your business, and your husband works as a journalist, so you decide to hire a nanny to take care of Mei and Livi. Her name is Miranda Collins and she is a student at Reed College, your alma mater. The girls love her!
    YR #5: You and your family go on holiday to China, to see Mei's birthplace. China is beautiful and you all have fallen in love with it.
    YR #6: Your husband opens a bookstore next to International Ivy. It's called The Writer's Block Bookstore. It's bookstore that writers can visit to write, complete with special sound-proof writing rooms.
    YR #7: When Livi is twelve years old and Mei is ten, you get a surprise. You're pregnant! You get an ultrasound and find out it's a boy. On September 4th, Francisco Park Gardner is born.
    YR #8: You buy a dog. It's a little miniature terrier named Ivy, after your wildly popular clothing store.
    YR #9: You decide your apartment is too small for your growing family, so you decide to buy house in Portland. The house is huge and you and your family loves it. Each kid gets their own room, and you have a beautiful backyard. Meanwhile, Livi is starting high school. She decides to go to Debussy French High School.
    YR #10: You adopt boy/girl twins from your own country. They are only about a year old. Their names are Flora Celeste and Colin Fritz.
    YR #11: You and your family decide it's time to go back to China! You have a wonderful vacation and can't wait to come back.
    YR #12: You buy a new car to fit your growing family, an eight seat mini-van.
    YR #13: Francisco is begging you to buy a new pet, so you decide to buy him five fish. He names them Nemo, Harrison, George, Marky the Sharky, & Violet. Meanwhile, Livia graduates from high school. She is accepted into Reed College, your alma mater.
    YR #14: Your husband's niece is only 17 and falls pregnant. You take in her baby until she is up on her feet. It's a baby girl named Ellie Delilah. Francisco, Flora, & Colin think she's the cutest and accept her as a sister.
    YR #15: Mei is off to college. She been excepted at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota. Livi has been dating a boy from Reed named Alec Damian Parker, and they've announced their engagement! Not long after, Livi finds out she's pregnant. After their extravagant wedding and a honeymoon to Paris, she gives birth to twin boys! Their names are Gregory Lewis and Gideon Stuart.

    DW: Greta Eliana Gardner
    DH: Vincent Valentino Gardner

    AD: Mei Katrina Gardner - (18)
    AD: Livia "Livi" Pearl Gardner-Parker - (20)
    -DDH: Alec Damian Parker - (20)
    --DDS/DDS: Gregory Lewis & Gideon Stuart (Newborn)
    DS: Francisco Park Gardner - (8)
    AD/AS: Flora Celeste Gardner & Colin Fritz - (6)
    DHN: Ellie Delilah Gardner - (1)
    I'm a young writer who's obsessed with baby names!!!!!!!!
    Favorite names coming soon...

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    Year One: You win the lottery! 1.2 Million
    Year Two: Baby Boy: Jack Holden
    Year Three: Your family relocates to America. What city in what state do you move to? NY
    Year Four: Twin Girls: Kate Isabelle & Lila Josephine
    Year Five: You buy a horse. A male named Flynn
    Year Six: You buy 5 fish. What's there names? Flounder, Nemo, Oscar, Ariel & Aqua
    Year Seven: You buy a cat. Female, black cat named Jade
    Year Eight: Twin Boys: Oliver Finn & Leo Maxen
    Year Nine: You and DH go on hoilday together. Where to? Hawaii
    Year Ten: Your friends child gets put into care you adopt her. Her name is Molly Jane and she is 4
    Year Eleven: You and DH go into business with your brother-in-law and open a bar together in Rochester.
    Year Twelve: Have a girl: Charlotte Luna
    Year Thirteen: You and your family go on hoilday. Where to? Florida
    Year Fourteen: DH niece is only 17 and falls pregnant you take them in. She is Claire Nicole, her son is Asher Dylan
    Year Fifteen: Have a girl: Georgia Caroline

    DH: Nathan Alex
    DW: Helena Lee

    Niece: Claire Nicole (18)+ Great Nephew: Asher Dylan (1)
    DS: Jack Holden (14)
    DD/DD: Kate Isabelle & Lila Josephine (12)
    Adopted DD: Molly Jane (10)
    DS/DS: Oliver Finn & Leo Maxen (8)
    DD: Charlotte Luna (4)
    DD: Georgia Caroline (NB)
    Violet Gray
    No longer a teenager, still sad and name-obsessed

    Jude, Theo, Luca, Oliver l Eliza, Rose, Kate, Dahlia

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