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    Brooklyn, NY
    Year 1: Hubby & I go on vacation to Rome, Italy.
    Year 2: I adopt Miranda Kathleen from China. She is 6 months old.
    Year 3: I give birth to a baby boy named Dillon Harvey.
    Year 4: My friend's child gets put into care, and I adopt her. Her name is Shiloh Maxine.
    Year 5: I adopt Margo Katarina from China. She is 3 years old.
    Year 6: I buy a Dachshund. His name is Rudy.
    Year 7: I give birth to B/G twins - Shane Kennedy / Fiona Darcy
    Year 8: I buy 5 fish - Rainbow, Sparkle, Goldie, Sharky, and Juju.
    Year 9: I give birth to B/G twins - Simon Andrew / Danica Elyse
    Year 10: I give birth to G/G twins - Julia Reva / Laura Theresa
    Year 11: I have a miscarriage.
    Year 12: I give birth to B/G twins - Gerard Stuart / Josiane Renee
    Year 13: I buy a brand new black Jeep Grand Cherokee.
    Year 14: I adopt twin girls from America - Ariel Susanna / Amber Sydney. They are 1 year old.
    Year 15: I win the lottery - $100 million!!!! And I live happily ever after with my amazing family.
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    DW: Alyssa Kelly Green
    DH: Henry Stephen Green

    Year 1: This year my childhood friend, Danielle, had to put her daughter into foster care. I adopted her. Her name is Lauren Pearl Mason. She is 2 years old and has brown hair and green eyes. She lit up our whole world!

    Year 2: This year we went on a family vacation to Germany. Henry has a cousin that lives on a military base there. We visited & enjoyed the culture!

    Year 3: This year I miscarried a baby boy. It was a very depressing experience. However, we are hopeful for the future. Lauren started school this year! She loves it and is a very good writer!

    Year 4: This year Henry & I welcomed a baby boy! We named him Camden Henry Green. He has his father's brown-black hair and my blue eyes. Lauren is a great older sister as well!

    Year 5: This year the family was a featured on Ellen! I put a video of Cam and Lauren blowing bubbles together and it went viral. Our family is as happy as could be!

    Year 6: This year we miscarried a baby boy. It was very devastating again. Cam was so excited to be a big brother! Lauren is now 8 and is still writing! She loves writing poems and little stories.

    Year 7: This year Henry & I left Lauren and Cam with his parents so we could vacation in Hawaii. It was a magical experience! We scuba dived and swam with dolphins. We had an amazing time, but missed the kids!!

    Year 8: This year Henry and I adopted a baby girl from China. We named her Marina Kylie. She is so adorable and Lauren and Cam love her!

    Year 9: This year we welcomed a baby girl! We named her Ansley Monica. She has my blonde hair and my blue eyes! She is such a mini-me.

    Year 10: This year we adopted a 13 year old boy from Africa. His name is Gregory David. He gets along really well with the family! Greg and Lauren are in the same classes at school and are best friends!

    Year 11: This year the whole family went on a trip to Florida to take a Disney vacation. It was a great time! I can't believe my kids are getting so old! Greg is 14, Lauren is 13, Cam is 7, Marina is 3, and Ansley is 2.

    Year 12: This year I stepped outside of my comfort zone. I got a tattoo! I got "Family is forever" with an infinity symbol above it on my wrist. I love it but I think Lauren was really embarrassed!

    Year 13: This year I got another tattoo! I put all the initials of my kids on my left shoulder. The kids are all doing fantastic!

    Year 14: This year Henry & I welcomed fraternal twins named Vivian Joy & Kenneth Oliver.

    Year 15: This year we adopted another baby girl from China! Her name is Mallory Kristen.

    Our Family

    Alyssa & Henry with:

    Gregory "Greg" (18):
    Lauren (17)
    Camden "Cam" (11)
    Marina "Nina" (7)
    Ansley "Annie" (6)
    Vivian (1)
    Kenneth "Ken" (1)
    Mallory "Mal" (newborn)

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    You are 24, and married, husband is 25.
    1. B/G twins- Promise Josephine and Callum Joseph
    2. You and your family move to a bigger and better house. 5 bedrooms, Newfoundland, Canada
    3. Your friend's child gets put into a adoption system. You adopt her. Her name is Caia Violet Anouk. She is currently 7 years old.
    4. You open a clothing store/boutique with your two best friends, Ashley Elizabeth and Sophia June. You call it Fabulous, and you sell women's clothing.
    5. You get a tattoo. It is a rose, and on your hip.
    6. You buy a dog, the kids really wanted one. It's a mixed breed, and you name her Belle.
    7. You want more children, when you hear about some children a few towns over who have been put in an adoption care system after their grandmother passed of cancer. She took care of them. How old are they, what are there names? The twins are 13, boy and a girl. Ceaira Felecity and Felix Cairan.
    8. You adopt twin girl's from America, they are 16 years old. There names are Anastasia Sophia, and Alyssa Sonya.
    9. You buy a cat, a mixed kitty. You name her Misty. She is grey.
    10. You and DH have a child, a little girl. You name her Lily Xiomara Ingrid.
    11. Your twin daughters, Annie and Alyssa get matching tattoos. A heart on their hips, to represent love and their family.
    12. You win the lottery! 2 million!
    13. You and your family go on a holiday, to Florida and Disneyworld. You stay in the Nicklodeon hotel. Everyone has so much fun and you stay for 2 weeks.
    14. You learn you are expecting.. But to find it is a miscarriage.
    15. You try again for one last child, and end up with another miscarriage.
    Teenberry, name loving girl.

    Lucy, Madeline, Caroline, Kylie, Bryn, Audrey/Aubrey, & Sierra
    Eli, Caden, Camden, Riley and Caleb

    Guilty Pleasures:
    Clementine & Tiara

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    Year 1) Life experience - We buy a dog. A female jackapoo named Sadie!
    Year 2) Life experience - We go on holiday together. You go on a relaxing vacation to Cancun.
    Year 3) Baby - We have a boy! And name him Maxwell Emerson.
    Year 4) Baby - We have a girl! And name her Willow Juliet
    Year 5) Life experience - You get a tattoo! It's a cross on your back to reflect your religion.
    Year 6) Life experience - We on another holiday together. This time to Disney World in Orlando, Fl!
    Year 7) Baby - We have twin boys! And name them Greyson Xavier & Oliver Jude
    Year 8) Life experience - We buy another dog. A shihtzu named Cosmo!
    Year 9) Life experience - We adopt twin girls from America. Their names are Amara Summer & Audrey Sage. They are new borns.
    Year 10) Baby - You miscarriage. But continue to try again.
    Year 11) Baby - We have a boy! And name him Milo Sebastian.
    Year 12) Baby - We have another boy! And name him Declan Levi.
    Year 13) Life experience - You and the family move houses. It is a mansion with 10 bedrooms in Seattle, Washington!
    Year 14) Life experience - You open a bookstore.
    Year 15) Baby - We have our last babies, they are twin girls. We name them Everly Iris & Jasmine Malia.

    DH: Calvin Phillip (37)
    DW: Victoria Elise (35)
    DS: Maxwell Emerson (12)
    DD: Willow Juliet (11)
    DS/DS: Greyson Xavier & Oliver Jude (8)
    DD/DD: Amara Summer & Audrey Sage (6)
    DS: Milo Sebastian (4)
    DS: Declan Levi (3)
    DD/DD: Everly Iris & Jasmine Malia (NB)
    2 dogs: Sadie & Cosmo

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    DH: Edwin Andrew Franklin (23)
    DW: Caroline Marie Franklin (22)

    Year 1: We buy a male Cardigan Welsh Corgi named Bertie.
    Year 2: We buy a female Siamese cat named Socks.
    Year 3: We buy a male Beta fish named Caspian.
    Year 4: We have twin boys named Beckett Edwin and Theodore Austin.
    Year 5: We adopt our friend's child after she is put into care. She is two years old and her name is Reagan Eliza.
    Year 6: We adopt a girl from China. Her name is Mei Karolina.
    Year 7: We leave the kids and our pets with a friend and the two of us go on vacation together to the Galapagos Islands.
    Year 8: I open a swimwear store with my two best friends. We call it Beachy Bikinis.
    Year 9: We buy a male Arabian horse named Omar.
    Year 10: We have a baby boy named Griffith Irwin.
    Year 11: We adopt twin boys from Ireland. Their names are Brogan Ivo and Callister Evin.
    Year 12: I get a tattoo of a flower on my foot.
    Year 13: We adopt a girl from China named Madeline Keisha.
    Year 14: We have a baby boy named Virgil Morton.
    Year 15: We relocate to Newport, RI in the United States.

    Our family:
    Edwin Andrew Franklin (38)
    Caroline Marie Franklin (37)
    Reagan Eliza (12)
    Beckett Edwin (11)
    Theodore Austin (11)
    Mei Karolina (9)
    Griffith Irwin (5)
    Brogan Ivo (4)
    Callister Evin (4)
    Madeline Keisha (2)

    Dog: Bertie (14)
    Cat: Socks (13)
    Horse: Omar (6)
    Rest in Peace Caspian the fish, who lived for five years.

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