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    New Hampshire
    Year 1: You buy a dog. A Chihuahua named Batman
    Year 2: You are a guest star on a talk show!
    Year 3: You buy five fish
    Year 4: You open a clothing store with your two best friends
    Year 5: DD: Stella Claire
    Year 6: DD: Julie Soleil
    Year 7: DS/DS: Alexander Owen and Evan Thomas
    Year 8: You buy a cat named Holly J
    Year 9: You family relocates to AmericaBoston
    Year 10: You open a bookstore
    Year 11: DD/DD: Heather Ava and Bridget Jeanne
    Year 12: DS/DS: Daniel Jack and Mark Vincent
    Year 13: You buy a horse named Polka
    Year 14: You win the lottery! 500,000
    Year 15: You and DH go on holiday together. Paris

    Stella, (10) Julie (9), Alex (8), Evan (8), Heather (4), Bridget (4), Danny (3), and Mark (3)

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    DW: Josephine Lily
    DH: Rupert Dominic

    Y1: Rupert and Josephine adopt a pair of tortoises. They name them Aloysius and Fenella
    Y2: Rupert and Josephine decide to start their family! They adopt a baby girl from China and name her Mei Katherine
    Y3: The couple buys a dog! Leopold the German Shepherd
    Y4: Twin girls! Greta Matilda & Lily Caroline
    Y5: The family goes on holiday to New Zealand
    Y6: The family purchases a new house, with plenty of room to grow:
    Y7: The family add 5 fish to their koi pond: Homer, Marge, Maggie, Lisa, and Bart
    Y8: More twin girls! Clara Vivian & Ruby Minerva
    Y9: The family adopts twin girls from America named Alice Shoshana & Anna Severine, age 4
    Y10: Rupert and Josephine buy Mei a horse: An Appaloosa named Sebastian
    Y11: Happy with their recent addition to the family, Rupert and Josephine decide to adopt a second horse, a female Appaloosa named Penelope
    Y12: Josephine gives birth to another healthy baby girl named Vera Clementine
    Y13: Still trying for that illusive son, Josephine gives birth to Elizabeth Hazel
    Y14: Another pregnancy, another girl: Nora Linnea
    Y15: TWIN BOYS! Alphonse Frederick & Charles Eldridge

    The Hughes Family:
    Josephine (40) & Rupert (40)
    Mei (13)
    Greta & Lily (11)
    Alice & Anna (10)
    Clara & Ruby (7)
    Vera (3)
    Nora (1)
    Alphonse & Charles (nb)
    and pets
    Aloysius and Fenella the tortoises
    Sebastian and Penelope the Appaloosas
    Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa & Maggie the Koi
    Leopold the German Shepherd

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    DH: Robert George Tripp "Robbie"
    DW: Harmony Joy Tripp

    Y1: We adopt a one year old girl from China. We name her Mika Rose.
    Y2: My friend's daughter gets put into care. She is only three months old, and her name is Daniella Brooke.
    Y3: We open a bookstore. We call it Mika and Dani's Reads.
    Y4: We adopt a boy beagle puppy named Gizmo.
    Y5: Our family moves to Michigan, into a very large condo with four bedrooms and three and a half baths.
    Y6: We move again to Ohio. This house has five bedrooms and four full baths!
    Y7: We adopt another puppy. This one is a female Rottweiler named Stella.
    Y8: Since Mika and Dani's Reads have been so successful in our hometown in Mimnesota (Robbie's parents have been keeping it running), we open another one in Ohio!
    Y9: We buy five goldfish for the girls: Squirt, Comet, Skittles, Jaws, and Bubbles.
    Y10: Robbie's niece, Whitney, falls pregnant, so we take her and her daughter, Neriah, in.
    Y11: My sister dies and leaves her son, Evan, alone. Since Evan is only fourteen, we take him in.
    Y12: All of us visit Ireland for three weeks over the summer, and we find adorable twin orphan boys. They are two years old. We adopt them, and name them Brendan Peter and Blaine Presley.
    Y13: I take Whitney to get a tattoo for her birthday since she always wanted one, and I end up getting one too! I get a small black cross with a two birds flying around it for my two late sisters. It is on my back, right under my neck.
    Y14: I get another tattoo, this time on my ankle. It is a quote: "Never stop dreaming."
    Y15: I get a cat for Dani. She is all white, with long fur. Her name is Bailey.
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    DH: August Nathaniel Winters
    DW: Serena Lily Winters

    Year #1: On our honeymoon in China, we adopt a three-month old baby girl, whom we name Melodia Katherine Winters. We sometimes call her Mel, Lodie, Melody, or Melody-Kate. Many of our friends joked that most people don't come home from their honeymoon with a child, but they all love her nonetheless.

    Year #2: We win the lottery! We are now millionaires, but we put most of the money away in a savings account.

    Year #3: August and I leave Mel with August's parents, and we take a trip to Italy.

    Year #4: We buy two tortoises. We named them Dale & Penelope.

    Year #5: All three of us take a vacation to England.

    Year #6: Mel is five, so we decide to try for a baby. We have twin boys! We name them Lorcan Augustus & Ignatius Jude Winters.

    Year #7: I open a bookstore and name it The Orange Corner.

    Year #8: I open a children's boutique with my best friend, Tuesday, and we name it Elodie Lou's Closet, named after our daughters (Melodia and Luna)

    Year #9: I'm a guest star (with my best friend) on a famous talk show, talking about our newly famous bookstore,and boutique.

    Year #10: The boys are four, so we decide to try for a girl for Melodia. We have a girl, and name her Astrid Lily Winters.

    Year #11: We take a vacation to Disney World in Florida. We drive up the east coast and road trip for most of the summer. All three of the older kids loved it, and Astrid is just there for the ride.

    Year #12: Elodie Lou's Closet is thriving! We open a few around the country, and are, amazed by its progress .

    Year #13: While vacationing in Ireland for the summer, we adopt 4 year old boys. They are Blaine P'Adraic & Brody Phinean Winters.

    Year #14: We adopt newborn fraternal twins and name them Cassius Falcon and Fleur Cordelia Winters.

    Year #15: We get a cat and name her Lea.

    August Nathaniel Winters, 40
    Serena Lily Winters, 40

    Melodia Katherine Winters, 14
    Lorcan Augustus Winters, 9
    Ignatius Jude Winters, 9
    Blaine P'Adraic Winters, 6
    Brody Phinean Winters, 6
    Astrid Lily Winters, 5
    Cassius Falcon Winters, 1
    Fleur Cordelia Winters, 1

    + two tortoises, Dale and Penelope, and a kitten, Lea.
    Sari, college freshman

    Cressida. Rosalind. Vera.
    Sage. Casimir. Lucian.

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    Me: Yasmine Grace.
    Him: Gregory Charles.

    Yr1: We have a beautiful baby boy and name him Tobias Henry.
    Yr2: We adopt twin girls from America, they are 14months old and called: Alexandra Skye and Arianna Scout.
    Yr3: My two best friend, Evelyn and Eleanor, and I open a clothing store selling vintage pre-WWII clothes and accesories, we call the store Lucky Locket.
    Yr4: With Greg working away more often I buy a second car for myself and the children, it's a five-door seven-seater.
    Yr5: With the kids starting school I start to miss having a baby round the house and get pregnant with a little boy: Sebastian James.
    Yr6: We buy a big aquarium and stock it with five fish, we let the children name them: Nemo, Squishy, Dory, Finn, and Shark.
    Yr7: I get a tatoo on my back of a stork carrying all of my children's initials.
    Yr8: We adopt a little girl from China who is 3 years old, her name is Mei Kimiko but we decide to call her Kimi.
    Yr9: Greg's niece Megan-Elise who is only 17 falls accidently pregnant and we agree to take her in when her parents kick her out, she has a baby girl and names her Lucia Eva.
    Yr10: With Lucia todling around the house I start to get broody, the pregnancy leads to twin girls! Matilda Ruby and Georgina Rachel.
    Yr11: Oh my Gosh! We win the lottery, a £7.2million jackpot, we put it into savings account until we decide what to do with it.
    Yr12: We adopt 18month old twins from England (country we live in), we keep their original names which are: Fallon Cassidy (b) and Frankie Caroline (g).
    Yr13: Greg and I go on holiday for a week without the kids, we leave them in the several hands of our parents and Megan-Elise, we go to Ireland.
    Yr14: Our trip to Ireland last year resulted in a pregnancy but sadly I miscarried early on.
    Yr15: After the successful adoption of Kimi we decide to adopt again from China, a girl again who is 2 years old, we keep her name: Min Kun but call her Mink for short.

    ~~~ Yasmine and Greg with: Tobias (15), Ally & Annie (15), Seb (11), Kimi (11), Mattie & Georgie (6), Fallon & Frankie (5), and Mink (3). // Meg (24) with Lucia (7),(RIP: Nemo, Squishy, Dory, Finn, and Shark).
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