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    Agnes & Louise need middle names!

    My all-time favorite girl names are Agnes and Louise but I just can't seem to find middle names that I love for either of them. I don't want to combine them to make one name (ie Agnes Louise) because I really want to save them each as first names. I'm interested to see what others can come up with because I feel like I've hit a roadblock. I love fresh, not overly-popular, classy, and even nature-inspired names. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with!!

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    Agnes Isabel and Louise Olivia came to my mind.. and neither of those names are usually my picks due to their popularity! I know you don't love overly popular (neither do I) but Agnes and Louise, with such old fashioned statement making names, might enjoy a more common and super girly name in the middle. I LOOVE Agnes and Louise so I don't really think you can go wrong.. But I really love the sound and flow or Agnes Isabel and Louise Olivia

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